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An interesting feature in AFK Arena is the Library which is the home of the Unions. In today’s article we’re going to share with you a complete guide to the Library and Unions in AFK arena, so that you can get those amazing bonuses and boost the power of your main team.

Things are pretty much straightforward once you understand how the Library and Unions work in AFK Arena, but at first they can be a bit confusing – especially since you probably think that you will never have enough heroes to fill all those spots.

Well, worry not because you will actually be allowed to add friends to the game (a maximum of 30): the more active and the better their heroes, the more options you will have in the game. It also seems that fellow Alliance members’ Heroes can be used, so you will have a nice pool of heroes to choose from and create the best possible Unions for maximum boosts.

So, in order to activate a union, all you have to do is to visit the Library in Ranhorn (bottom left icon):

Once there, start tapping, from the top to the bottom, all the unions available. Each will require a different set of heroes and will give you a specific bonus: the better your heroes, the better the bonuses your team gets. So try to fill as many Unions with as many rare heroes as possible (you will still be able to use these heroes in the other areas of the game).

You won’t have to do all the micromanagement yourself: an exclamation mark will appear where you will have new or better options, so it’s really easy to handle.

Also, it’s worth noting that all the Unions that you activate in the Library will give your team the activated bonuses in all fights, no matter if they are in the Arena, Campaign or the Dark Forest.

AFK Arena Unions overview

I am sure you’re curious to find out the bonuses you can get from the Unions. You can check them out in the game as well, but sometimes simply having a better, complete view in one place, makes things easier.

So here is the list of currently active unions in the game and the bonuses you can get from each of them, depending on the level you have unlocked:

The Gallant Three

Defenders of the Forest

The Dusk Patrollers

Master & Apprentice

Arcanists Union

The Dragon Slayers

The Wrathful Two

Wisdom & Hope


The Lightbringers

The Bounty Hunters

General tips for the Unions in AFK Arena

There isn’t too much that you can do here than hope that you will eventually get all the required heroes, and the rarest possible.

Make sure to add high level friends since they are more likely to have rarer, better heroes. Also remove all friends that haven’t been active for the past 7 days, because after this time they are considered inactive by the game and you can no longer use their heroes.

And this would be it, that’s all you need to know about Unions in AFK Arena. Check out this feature and do your best to fill in as many slots as possible. And also check out our guide to the VIP levels in order to find out what bonuses await.


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  1. When you have activated a union will you need to use those heroes in battle to get the bonus or is it a passive bonus? And you dont need them in your formation?

  2. The bonuses are huge. I just joined a rank 5 alliance and filled all spots with L+ heroes. I could progress 2 bosses with this boost. (I am level 33)


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