How to Send Photos through Kik Messenger

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If you want to send photos to friends and family using Kik Messenger, you can do so directly from the chat message section with the person you want to send photos to.

Simply tap the “+” button in the chat box, which is located to the left of where you type your messages.

In the new window, select a recent photo on your device or tap the Camera icon to open up your camera and take a new photo to send.

After you have either found a recent picture or taken a new one, tap the Send button. And this is it! This is how you send photos on Kik messenger!

How to save photos you have received on Kik Messenger

If you want to save pictures that you have received on Kik, you will be able to do so by following a few quick steps:

  1. Go to the chat where you have received the photo you want to save
  2. Tap and hold on the photo you want to save
  3. A menu will appear on your screen. Tap the “Save” option to save the photo.
  4. The photo will be saved to your camera roll immediately after you do this.

If this method of saving photos does not work for whatever reason, you can try opening the picture in full screen by tapping it. Once the picture has opened, tap the download arrow in the top right corner of the screen.

It’s also worth keeping in mind that any photos you receive from people who are not on your friends list will be blurred until you unblur them.

You can unblur these images by simply pressing and holding your finger on the image for a couple of seconds. If things don’t go well, read my previous guide on how to block somebody on Kik.

Is Kik safe to send pictures?

Yes, from a technical standpoint, it is safe to send photos through the Kik App. What I mean from a technical standpoint is that the App is safe and secure to transmit photos.

A word of caution when sending photos through Kik or any other social media app. Don’t send anything that you maybe embarrassed by later on.

This goes especially if you are sending pictures to strangers, so you may want to be careful in what you send.

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Do pictures disappear on Kik?

No, pictures sent through Kik app do not disappear. They will be on the other person’s app until they log out and close the app.

If they never log out of the Kik App, the pictures and chat messages will remain for them to view.

In Closing

Sending, receiving and saving photos is always easiest when you are using the latest version of Kik.

Sending a photo on Kik doesn’t take very long at all, and you will be able to send one from your camera roll or take a new one within the chat by following the steps above. It’s easy!


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  1. Hi, I have just got kik on my nokia 3 android phone, I’m not able to open any videos to watch them as when I try it says…’allow kik access to all your files’…is this safe?..will my details be made public? I’m not tech savvy and I’m using kik as I want to be anonymous, so do I need to allow kik access to all my files to open and watch videos and send photos that I already have in my phone? I’d appreciate your help regarding this. Many thanks
    Jenny…from the UK.


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