Red Crow Mysteries Legion HD Review

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Red Crow Mysteries Legion for iOS puts you in the shoes of a special lady that wakes up from a nightmare after seeing the ghost of her mother turn into a monster. Not the best way to wake up, but this is just the beginning, as it appears that this young lady indeed can look into the land of the dead and, want it or not, has to defeat the evil entity “Legion” which is hellbent on destroying the world.

In other words, this is the setting for your regular hidden object adventure (with a huge emphasis on the “adventure” part): you will explore all sorts of areas, collect a ton of items and use them, solve puzzles and eventually become victorious in your battle against the Legion. All while tasting a bit the chills and thrills of a spooky atmospheric game.

Although not as scary as other similar games and at times maybe not even as well written, Red Crow Mysteries: Legion is still a solid game for fans of the genre. To start with, the graphics are pretty gorgeous and even though the game takes place mostly in a dark setting, you will rarely have lighting problems (there’s actually a stage where you play using a flashlight and it’s pretty nice). We have voice over too in this game, adding a bit of extra value but the story itself and the characters lack that special something that makes us really care about them.

Puzzle-wise, you have your regular set of puzzles with some nice additions, from puzzles that take you seconds to complete to puzzles that really get your brain going and prove to be extremely challenging. Funnily enough, some don’t use all the capabilities of the iOS powered devices – like the early puzzle where you have to rotate pieces by tapping them and not by actually using both fingers to do it. It was a puzzle itself to find out how to rotate things.

Regarding the items that you have to collect along the way to solve puzzles and keep the story going, they are all pretty obvious and rarely you will find yourself searching for an impossible to find item. And if you do, the game’s hit system is there to help and does a great job with that.

Combine all these with an achievement system and a solid few hours of gameplay and you get a pretty good game from Red Crow Mysteries: Legion. It fails to be absolutely outstanding or overly atmospheric, but still manages to entertain and offer an interesting story.

iTunes link: Red Crow Mysteries Legion


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