Junkyard Tycoon Concrete: How to Get more of It in the Game

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In Junkyard Tycoon, concrete is one of the most important materials that you need for various upgrades and buildings, but also one of the most difficult to get and hoard. Because nothing in the world of mobile games is too easy.

In today’s guide, I will tell you how to get more concrete in Junkyard Tycoon and never have any problems with this type of material. It’s not going to be easy, but at least it gets the job done!

The good news is that most of these tips can be used for any type of material you’re not having enough of, including glass or whatever other materials you’re in shortage of. Most likely all of them, especially if you’ve just started playing…

But back to today’s topic, let’s find out how to get more concrete in Junkyard Tycoon!

Concrete is rewarded in the game as an extra material whenever you’re scraping cars. This is not a material that you’ll stumble upon often and the amounts will be limited. But whenever you get concrete from scraping a car, immediately double that amount by paying diamonds.

But wait, aren’t diamonds premium currency? Yes, they are, but you can still earn them through other means.

Prepare them in advance: watch ads whenever you have the opportunity and grab those free diamonds. Hoard them up and only use them when you get concrete (or any other item you need in Junkyard Tycoon) as a reward. This is, in the long run, easy to do and extremely helpful.

The problem with concrete is that there’s no specific car – based on my tens of hours of play time – that rewards it more often than others. It’s all random and based on luck.

Concrete is probably the rarest material in the game and made so on purpose to give us a challenge. But you can double the amount you get each time, and that is exactly what you should do!

How to get other important materials in Junkyard Tycoon: glass, nails etc

These are other materials that you will need a ton of, but they are easier to get in Junkyard Tycoon than concrete because you can craft them.

Glass, for example, just like nails and other important materials can be crafted from Scrap Materials. So never sell Scrap Materials, even if it seems that you have a ton of them on hand! These have a much better value overall if you turn them into the valuable items that you need.

Always try to optimize everything you do in the game in such a way that you are closer to your end goal, which is having a lot of various materials available.

And this would be it! The only way to get more concrete in the game is to be extremely active, scrap those vehicles and double the rewards each time you see some concrete offered there as a reward.

There’s no other way that I am aware of, but if you know one, don’t hesitate to share your methods with the world. It will definitely be greatly appreciated!


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7 thoughts on “Junkyard Tycoon Concrete: How to Get more of It in the Game”

  1. The car crusher seems to have no pupose at all. You dont make any money or energy from crushing cars, so why bother investing into it.. if you bought all thems they sell in this game like diamonds you be laying out over $100.00 just to put a dent in the game. It is extremely hard to gather the basic material in life to build a building as water in this game costs as much as gold real life. The game had been out in beta form way to long. Another useless building to buy is the bank. It has no impact on playing the game. It has potential but it seems they are happy with the money it makes without finishing it.

    • I agree I have crushed a 1000 cars and didnt get any material. It only on the racks, in the middle of the junkyard is to where you get any materials by dismantling it. The crusher doesn’t seem to produce anything but sound effects.. And the cost and time it takes to make 2 brinks is crazy as 6 bricks will cost you $50,000.00 even NYC is cheaper then that.. it really needs some tweeking as it will also take you money you earned and give you nothing in return. It has a lot of faults that need to be fixed.

  2. Been playing almost a year an im no closer to unlocking dealership than i was when i started. The game is just pathetic. It revolves around diamonds. The diamonds are hella expensive and do very little for you. Game is buy, tear apart, crush, repeat. Developers were definitely high on meth when they created this work of art. I mean, you see the in game bank? …. Pointless Like the rest of the game.

  3. The game gives you 600 diamonds eveytime you start it. Start it. Then turn it off …. dont exit. Just close it. Then start it again. See another 600 diamonds….its endless

  4. I gave up on this game a year ago. last week i thought i would give it another go. i required an update that deleted my company. so after a weeks play in the lil spare time i have. i have acquired $100,000 opened the recycler first, upgraded 4 lifts + 4 spaces. though i think the overall object is to open the field and the dirt hole, for energy. the only other thing i have available ATM. Is the field. But because i would like to open the university for repair and sales shop to start selling cars ASAP. I have not opened the field as of yet. For the simple reason that everyone is concentrating on the concrete to build. But cant see the bigger picture. Once your able to get the concrete and build that building. Most of all your materials are used up, so now you have to start over from scratch to build the next building (INCLUDING CONCRETE!!!)This is a very slow and monotonously repetitive game. Continuing from as i said earlier, the overall object, play for weeks on end open all the material shops to make more materials to open more material shops. Till you are finally able to open the university and the sales shop and start repairing and selling cars. OH! game over ….nothing else to do what so ever!! Because by then you will have a million or ten million bucks….so why continue the monotonous repetitive. I think i feel my IQ melting away as i write this.


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