How to Get More Utopium in Pixel People

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If you have an iOS powered device, then you are most likely playing Pixel People already and the game got you hooked.

Actually, it might have gotten you so hooked that you feel its time to spend some real money to get some in-game Utopium, the premium currency that unlocks all the goodness in the game.

I think that you should reconsider that for a moment, at least after you check out below how to get more Utopium in Pixel People for free – and only if you still need some extra go for the purchase. Until then, here is how to get more Utopium:

1.Collect from the Utopium Mine – this gives you 1 or 2 Utopium when you collect (but have in mind that there’s a 25 free Utopium cap per day!)

2. Hearts rewards – Even though it might seem boring and a waste of time to spread the love between your residents and keep tapping those hearts, the surprise rewards that you get once you’ve filled up that meter might score you some free Utopium, so it’s worth the time invested!

3. Collect from trees – even though they usually only give you small amounts of coins, the trees in Pixel People will also reward you with free Utopium, so make sure that you have a few planted and you keep collecting from them!

4. Expand your land – some other games ask for premium currency if you want to expand, Pixel People rewards you with it. So every time you expand you will receive 1 or 2 free utopium, so keep growing your city!

5. Complete achievements – there are a bunch of achievements in the game and completing them usually rewards you with Utopium, so make sure that you focus on these achievements too!

And even though this is not really a way to get more Utopium, you will save a lot if you do this: don’t pay to reveal the job combinations! Instead, check out our Pixel People job combinations guide and you’re all set!


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