Alphabear 2 Cheats and Tips to Getting the Biggest Bears and Highest Scores

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Alphabear 2 is here, testing once again our word skills and challenging us to get bears as big as possible. And we’re here to help you do just that by sharing some Alphabear 2 cheats and tips in our complete strategy guide. You’ll learn a bunch of secrets for playing the game and doing it great!

This guide is definitely more helpful to beginner players, but more advanced ones can get a trick or two up their sleeves by checking it out – so do go through it if you will.

Without further ado, here are some Alphabear 2 tips and tricks to help you score those big points every time you play:

Bigger Bears, More Points
The bigger the bears, the more points you score. This is something that you should always keep in mind when playing Alphabear 2.

Getting the larger bears is not extremely easy, but it can be achieved if you pay attention to the board. Normally, emptying out the middle of the board – or the area where your bears can expand the longest is vital. You will need to open up as much space as possible and don’t have letters turn to stone in order to keep those bears growing.

Having one or more reach humongous sizes is better than having several smaller ones, so just focus on the one you can grow biggest, as that is what matters at the end of the day!

A cheat to get those humongous words
Although sometimes you’ll be under pressure from the timed mode limit, in other stages you won’t have any pressure on you to quickly come up with words. That’s when you can use a little cheat and go to some word builder online to get the longest possible words based on your letters.

Such a website is Win Every Game – a place where you simply input a string of letters (get them from your Alphabear 2 level) and it shows you a set of words instantly. This is definitely the place to go for scoring those incredibly high scores!

Even in timed mode, you will probably have enough time to visit the website and write the words – especially if you’re playing in front of a laptop or computer and can quickly type the letters you have as opposed to having to switch from app to app on your mobile. Give it a try!

Timed mode frenzy
When you are on timed stages, things become a bit hectic and you don’t really have a ton of time on your hand to think words through. In this case, it’s best to just go with the flow, try to keep calm and… well… sometimes simply throwing in random letters works!

Your words don’t have to be the largest possible, as it is more important to clear as much of the board as you can before the time runs out. So don’t follow the same rules that apply in the other stages and don’t hesitate to go for shorter words that quickly clear the board.

Work on the middle first
The middle of the board is extremely important: if stones appear there, your chances of getting the biggest bear (or a seriously large one) are put down to zero. Therefore, you should always work on removing the tiles around the central area to allow your bear grow as much as possible.

When in doubt, look for plurals or past forms
An easy trick to score some extra points is to look out for plurals (simply see if you have an additional S available somewhere) or the past forms of a word. Trade is good, Traded is better. Trading is even more so. So when you have time, make sure to look for those extra letters!

Work on those expiring letters!
Expiring letters are not nice to see and looking at those tiles turning red is definitely not fun. You should always try to create words using these expired letters, but learn to let them go when they’re useless.

Expiring letters give you fewer points anyway and focusing on removing them alone might result in a snowball effects, resulting in more letters turning red and eventually overwhelming you. Instead, be selective and don’t be upset if some of the letters turn to stone, as long as you have enough open space on the board to clear more out.

Choose your Bears carefully
After unlocking a nice set of bears and their bonuses, you should start becoming selective when it comes to the ones you bring to “battle”. Choose bears that help you the most based on the type of stage you’re playing: it’s obvious that you should not bring a bonus bear that gives you more time if you are not in a timed stage. But these become vital in stages where you fight against the clock.

So check out their descriptions and make sure you always bring the best possible bear combinations in each stage, based on the type of stage you’re playing.

Here’s a set of extra tips, shared by the game’s devs themselves on their website:

– In order to speed things up when you submit a word, you don’t need to tap the green check mark exactly. You can tap anywhere on the white bar that the green check mark is part of.

– You can add and remove bears before each stage by double tapping their portrays in the menu.

– The Time Warps and Bear Selection screens have TV-shaped icons in the upper-right that will take you to TV Time if you tap them. These will save you a few taps if you realize you’re about to enter a match or use a time warp but forgot to activate the benefits that TV Time provides.

This is it! You should be an Alphabear 2 expert right now and be able to score tons of points each time you play. If you have additional tips and tricks to share with us, don’t hesitate to do so by commenting below.


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