50 Tiny Room Escape Walkthrough Level 31

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This is the walkthrough for 50 Tiny Room Escape Level 31, and it has all the clues to help Eve escape.

In my last walkthrough for 50 Tiny Room Escape level 30, we helped Richard in the last locked room, so now we need to keep going until this new girl reaches her last door as well.

Follow my walkthrough below to help her get out and open the door to this room.

50 Tiny Room Escape Level 31 Redcliff – Walkthrough

50 Tiny Room Escape Walkthrough Level 31 Redcliff
  • Open the white closet and take the key from the pocket of the shirt hanging there.
  • Look at the shelves next to the door, take the award in the glass case.
  • To open it push the button at the back, then underneath, then the one on the sides, and on the back.
  • Take the insulation tape inside.
  • Look at the electric panel that throws sparks.
  • Pull the lever up and use the insulation tape to secure the wire.
  • Get a closer look at the blue and yellow wires.
  • Make the puzzle wires so the yellow and blue has a start and an end.
50 Tiny Room Escape Walkthrough Level 31 Electric Panel
  • Now pull the lever back down to turn it on.
  • Check the desk and open the left bottom drawer.
  • Move the files to see in the back and take the screwdriver.
  • Use the key to open the top drawer and take the paper.
  • Go to the computer and turn it on.
  • The password is on the paper you found:
    • The lines tell you which two cases will add up to the numbers shown: 22541
  • Look out the window and note the plate number of the car outside: STONE2
  • Print the information and take the paper with you.
  • Look at the map and follow the trail on the paper to see the building he reaches.
50 Tiny Room Escape Walkthrough Level 31 Map
  • Go to the safe and enter that building number and the area: 29/2
  • Take the access card and go to the panel on the floor.
  • Use the screwdriver to open the screws there (it take some time to get right on the screw)
  • Now use the red nubs to lock all the wires together.
50 Tiny Room Escape Walkthrough Level 31 Nubs
  • Now that it works, use the access card on the door and get out.

Wrapping up

Check out my walkthrough video for Level 31 50 Tiny Room Escape:

This was the first level for Eve, so the game is not over yet. We’ll meet right back here for my next walkthrough for level 32 with Eve.


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