50 Tiny Room Escape Walkthrough Level 29

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Here is the walkthrough for 50 Tiny Room Escape, with all the clues for Level 29 to help Richard escape and solve all the puzzles.

In my last walkthrough for 50 Tiny Room Escape level 28, we helped Richard in another locked room, so now we need to keep going until he reaches his last door as well.

Follow my walkthrough below to help him get out and open the door to this room.

50 Tiny Room Escape Level 29 Succession – Walkthrough

50 Tiny Room Escape Walkthrough Level 29
  • Take a look at the dummy with the arrows.
  • Take the toy from its head.
  • Grab each arrow and notice its sharp points and where they got stuck.
    • head: 1 point
    • right arm: 2 points
    • stomach: 3 points
    • leg: 4 points
    • stomach: 5 points
  • Go to the armor on the other side and tap each part in the same order.
  • Take the halberd and put it in the racks with the other weapons.
  • Notice hanging red flags with the weapons on them and how many endings they have.
  • Then pull on the weapons in the racks in the same order:
    • 2nd – 5th – 4th – 3rd – 1st
  • Take the key from here and go check out the throne.
  • On the drawer to the right there are some toy pieces.
  • Another toy on the throne and a few other toys on the table by the windows.
  • Notice the flower prints on the red carpet, some are missing a few parts.
  • Starting from the door up:
    • left leaf – middle leaf – right leaf – middle leaf.
  • Check out the throne hand now and press on those missing parts but make sure you reverse left and right:
    • right – middle – left – middle
  • Take the second key and turn to look at the windows.
  • Pull on the torch next to the left window to open it and get another toy.
  • Go to the table and set all the toys in the correct spots fitting the endings with the figures.
  • Here you’ll find a handle you need to use on the solar system you found behind the window.
  • Start the system and count the turns of each planet:
    • 1st planet from the sun: 6 turns
    • 2nd planet: 4 turns
    • 3rd planet: 3 turns
    • 4th planet: 1 turn
  • Check the locked drawer next to the throne and write that number: 6431
  • Take the dagger and use it to take out the green gem on the crown sitting on the throne.
  • Take a red gem from the helmet of the armor.
  • And the blue gem from the handle of the dagger.
  • Go put all the gems above the solar system in the same order shown on the paintings on the wall: red – green – blue
  • You’ll find a 3rd key here.
  • Close back this window by pulling the torch again.
  • Notice the 3 cracks in the grid and remember them because that’s where the keys will go into the door.
50 Tiny Room Escape Walkthrough Level 29 Keys

Check out my video walkthrough for Level 29 50 Tiny Room Escape:

Next stop we’ll meet on the walkthrough for Level 30 on 50 Tiny Room. Last room and puzzle before we’ll be able to free Richard from this game.


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