Zombie Road Trip Review: Who Doesn’t Love a Bit of Cartoon Gore on Wheels?

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Another zombie game on the market, so how does this stand out and compare to the rest of the zombie game market? Well as usual it’s set in a zombie infested, apocalyptic world, however with the cartoon style that ‘Zombie Road Trip’ is drawn in it gives a much more light hearted and fun impression.

Right from the start it’s obvious a lot of time has been spent on designing this game, and from only a few minutes of actual game time I can see that I will be partaking in a lot more ‘Zombie Road Trip’ in the coming weeks. It’s addictive!!!!

As soon as I had my first run, and had eventually been caught by “the horde” I wanted to go further, to collect more coins, upgrade my car’s weapons and take full advantage of the ‘gadgets’ once I’d managed to save up for them. One of my favourite parts of the game is that unlike most driving games, you are in no control of the acceleration or any braking, this is taken care of automatically, which leaves you to concentrate your full attention on flipping the car as perfectly as possible in order to gain boost which accelerates you further away from “the horde” chasing you as you drive for your life, and shooting the oncoming zombies to get them out the way to be able to keep on driving as smoothly as possible, and beat your previous distance record.

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Unlike most zombie games, this one has not been created to depict a hellish apocalyptic world, in contrast I think is creates much fun view of the apocalypse, if that’s possible. The cartoony style is a fresh new take and definitely brings that special something that this game needs to stand out from the rest of the crowded zombie infested game market. And all this for free, which obviously I’m not complaining about but I have paid for games which are much less fun and less well produced than ‘Zombie Road Trip’.

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