Zombie Hero: Revenge of Kiki, Coming Soon to Beat All Zombies

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There’s no secret in the fact that zombie games are really big today and indie developers Secret Character believe that they will be big next year too, as they’re planning the release of their action brawler Zombie Hero: Revenge of Kiki, an intense and fast paced beat ’em up with zombies.

You’ll be playing as Kiki, an ex villain turned good guy and humanity’s last hope to wipe out the hordes of rising zombies. And since we’re talking about zombies, we’re going to meet some familiar faces as well, like the zombified version of what seems to be Mario, Captain America, the Terminator (and most likely a lot more). In other words: pretty fun!

But back to the game! Using powerful punches, kicks, kick-punches and brutal head-butt combos, our hero is determined to take down every last one of the living dead. Players will learn to focus their rage into massive combo attacks that smash into large groups of the aggressive undead, making them even deader. Kiki’s rage increases as he fights, sending zombies flying and running for their zombie mommies. He’ll come across familiar foes, but this time on the side of good as he takes down zombie heroes to save the world!

There’s also a short teaser trailer released, also showing a bit of gameplay, and you can check it out below:

Zombie Hero: Revenge of Kiki is slated for release at the start of 2014, so there’s still some time left until we’ll be able to beat the dead brains out of an undead Mario…


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