World Zombination – The Complete Guide: Cheats, Tips & Strategies

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World Zombination is quickly becoming one of our favorite strategy games here at App Amped and we have already published a bunch of articles helping players all over the world getting the most out of the game. I’ve decided to round them all up in a single article filled with World Zombinations cheats, tips and strategies for a complete guide for this amazing game that keeps us busy for hours!

So below you have the links to all our published articles in our World Zombination guides series:

Which is the best faction in the game?

Best Team Setup for the Survivors

Best Team Setup for the Infected

How to get more Coins for free in the game

– And we also have some generic strategy for beginners for both factions from our friends at TTP: surviors tips & infected tips for beginners

This would be for it. If there are any specific topics you’d lie covering (like how to farm for resources or troops or anything else), let us know in the comment section below and we’ll do our best to come up with a guide as fast as possible!


World Zombination: Best Team Setup for Survivors

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