Words Pop Answers: Level 1 – 1 to Level 1 – 10

The same company that brought us the highly popular Emoji Pop game has now delivered Words Pop, a word guessing game where we have to guess the word based on the clues on the screen. I am here to share with you all the answers to the Words Pop levels and we’ll start with the beginning, the Words Pop answers for level 1, from the first puzzle to the 10th.

To make things easier to follow, I have added the images first for all the levels and at the bottom you can see all the answers in case you still have trouble with them. Enjoy and check back soon as we’ll post even more Words Pop answers here at App Amped!

words Pop Level 1 - 01 answer words Pop Level 1 - 02 answer words Pop Level 1 - 03 answer words Pop Level 1 - 04 answer words Pop Level 1 - 05 answer words Pop Level 1 - 06 answer words Pop Level 1 - 07 answer words Pop Level 1 - 08 answer words Pop Level 1 - 09 answer words Pop Level 1 - 10 answer

Words Pop Level 1 – 1 answer: Dog
Words Pop Level 1 – 2 answer: Police
Words Pop Level 1 – 3 answer: Watch
Words Pop Level 1 – 4 answer: Egypt
Words Pop Level 1 – 5 answer: Shrek
Words Pop Level 1 – 6 answer: Grass
Words Pop Level 1 – 7 answer: Unicorn
Words Pop Level 1 – 8 answer: Nike
Words Pop Level 1 – 9 answer: Michael Jackson
Words Pop Level 1 – 10 answer: White House

And this is it! We have now completed the first 10 levels in Words Pop, but there are many more left to solve, so make sure you check back here soon enough as we’ll post more soon!

UPDATE: As promised, we have published the Level 2 answers for this great game, make sure to check them out if you need help.


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