Wordly Cheats: Tips and Tricks to Become a Wordly Master

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Wordly is a brand new game that is turning everyone into addicts on iOS and despite its discouraging title (the whole title being Wordly – More fun than your mothers word game) it actually is a really brilliant game. There are not many possibilities to cheat at Wordly, but we are here to at least share a bunch of tips and tricks and one mega cheat that will help you score the long words, improve your score and crush the competition. You will see that it’s actually easy to cheat at Wordly – More fun than your mothers word game for iPhone and/or iPad, and that’s why we are here for.

So here are the Wordly cheats: tips and tricks that we have for you (including a super cheat at the end that will turn you into an unstoppable winning machine!):

1. Use the words your opponent writes to find words for you: for example, if he or she comes with “rate,” you can improve that word to “crates”. Always use the words of your opponents as inspiration to create even longer words – it’s the easiest way to do it!

2. Always improve your words: in the previous example, we could’ve gone from “rate” to “crate” but we managed to write “crates”. Always look for letters that increase the number of letters in your word. Easy picks are “ing” ending ones and plurals. Even a letter can make the difference!

3. Always look to lock letters: if you have a letter surrounded by your letters, then you have locked it and your opponent can’t use it until they unlock it by using a letter nearby. The fewer letters one has to use, the less letters for long words they have!

4. Complete the daily achievements: Check out the daily achievements which challenge you to spell a series of words. The good thing is that you can earn some coins if you manage to do it, but you also get free inspiration for some really complicated words.

5. Use the free letters: Each game gives you three free letters that you can use whenever you re stuck. Use them to your advantage to create epic words.

6. The biggest Wordly cheat option that you have: use a word scrambling website to create epic words. For example, over at WordSolver.net you are allowed to enter 15 letters and the website will automatically create words for you. LONG words that will keep you winning, make your friends envy and hate you at the same time and turn you instantly into a champion.

These are our cheats for Wordly – More fun than your mothers word game for iPhone and iPad, we really hope that you find them useful. And you should, especially this last cheat!


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  1. Is it me or have you noticed if you spell all but the last letter of a word, that VERY often the letter you need pops up when you grab a new free letter?


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