How to See Who Visited your Facebook Profile

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One of the most commonly asked question of Facebook users is Who viewed my profile. There are a lot of reasons why individuals would like to who is visiting and viewing their profile.

Maybe it’s a potential boss, an ex, family and friends. While It would be interesting to see who is viewing your Facebook Profile, that information is currently not available from Facebook to its users.

Not that Facebook doesn’t know, its that it knows and has decided not to share that information.

The desire to know who is visiting a person’s Facebook page has led developers to build apps claiming to let you know who visited your Facebook page. We will go into more detail regarding these apps later, short answer to the apps is beware and stay away.

Is there an App to see who viewed your Facebook profile?

There are many apps that claim to offer information on who visits your facebook page but they are all a scam. Don’t be fooled. Facebook themselves posted that one they don’t share that information of who visits your profile.

Also if you come across an app that claims to provide that information that you should report it to Facebook.

Which makes sense given Facebook’s recently legal troubles over its privacy controls. They are in the process of completing a $5 billion dollar settlement with the FTC over they allowing 3 third party companies to access user information. As a result they are not going to allow any apps to have that information.

So What do the Apps do then?

Good question, there is a couple things that the apps could be doing. One which is most likely the case they are selling your information to advertising and other companies.

Many apps ask to access your GPS information as part of the terms of service they use that information to sell to 3 third party providers. 

Are the Apps Safe?

If the apps don’t actually provide you with the data, then are they safe. The answer to that is likely no. It will vary from app to app, but they are potentially dangerous to your computer/phone and Facebook profile.

Additionally, the apps could be doing is stealing your information as they may be malware. Everything from your user names and password to your credit card information.

Many of these apps require that you provide your Facebook login details to them, which opens up the possibility that they will spam your contacts or your own facebook profile page with spam.

If you downloaded one of these apps, remove it and change your password ASAP. Also report it to Facebook right away.

What information about your Facebook Profile Page can you get?

What Facebook allows is very limited, and mostly the information that you would see just visiting your profile page yourself such as who liked and commented on your post, that information can be obtained through your activity log.

If your post garners at least 30 likes, Facebook will provide you with additional information such as the number of views for your post reach, location of views.

Additional information about you

Do to the European GPDR Laws, Facebook needs to provide you with an archive of your data. That data does not include who visited your Facebook profile. So there is no sneaky way of getting that data.

In Conclusion

While it would be neat to know who is coming and visiting our Facebook profile pages, that information is not provided by Facebook. There are third party apps that claim to offer that information but beware, they are scammy and dangerous, who should be reported to Facebook.

In the end, you have to assume that everyone and anyone is visiting your profile page, so don’t post anything that you maybe embossed by later, just to be on the safe side.


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