WhatsApp Adds Annoying Option to Tag Friends in Group Chats

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Change is usually welcomed by most people and it’s the desire to change things that leads to progress, but every now and then we get changes that don’t seem to be at all beneficial to the end user. WhatsApp decided to make such a change, just a short while after upsetting its user base for sharing their details with Facebook. Today’s change is not as big, but it can surely become annoying: WhatsApp has added the option to tag individual people in group chats.

Why is that annoying? Well, even if you decided to mute the group chat, if somebody tags you, you will receive an automated notification. And, well, since you probably had solid reasons to mute the conversation in the first place, this will be pretty annoying.

How does tagging a user work in WhatsApp group chats?

All you have to do (or anybody else who wants to tag somebody in a group chat) is to type the @ symbol. The chat app will automatically bring up the list of all the people in the group and you can select one or multiple users by simply tapping on them. You can do this even for people who are not on your contacts list, but are in the particular group chat.

Whenever this option is used, the member who has been tagged will receive a notification even if they have previously decided to mute the conversation. In other words, it’s not as easy as it was before to get rid of annoying people. Maybe it’s time to rethink your “add as friend” policy!

This tagging friends option comes to the app together with other brand new features that are not as annoying and can prove quite useful: you can also quote messages and even photos in group chats in order to make it clear what you’re responding to. In order to access this new feature, all you have to do is to tap and hold on the message or image you want to quote.


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