Warhammer Quest, Out Now in the App Store

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Warhammer Quest is probably one of the biggest games launched this year on iOS and certainly a true contender of the “best iOS game of the year” award. The good news? It has just been made available for download in the the App Store and you can check it out right away.

The first Warhammer game available for iPhone and iPad, Warhammer Quest is based on the classic tabletop game and mixes RPG elements with turn based strategy, the result being an amazing product that fans of the Warhammer universe, as well as board game geeks like myself MUST play. There, I said it!

Promising more than 25 hours of dungeon crawling gameplay, Warhammer Quest comes with hundreds of weapons, armor and items for your heroes, all the possible foes from the fantasy world (Orcs, Goblins, Trolls and a lot more) and intense battles that will keep you busy for a long time.

So head over to the App Store and get this baby gem for just $4.99 and tell your girlfriend or wife that you need a loooong bathroom break. It won’t be enough, but it will be a great start!


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