Wake Up the Fairies in Sunny Drops on iPhone, iPad

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Fairies need to sleep too, but we shouldn’t allow then to sleep for too long, especially when there are ghosts roaming free in their land. Sunny Drops, a 3D puzzle game just released on iPhone and iPad, challenges us to wake up the fairies, keep them safe and get rid of the scary ghosts because, well, nobody likes ghosts.

Pure logic and creative thinking will be employed to solve these twisted challenges. The object is to direct the light towards flowers and wake up fairies who would set up ghost traps. Introducing 6 worlds, 90 levels, unique game play elements, brave fairies, beautiful flowers, realistic water & oil drops, and more… all in Sunny Drops available for free over at iTunes.

Here are the top features of the game:

– Gorgeous 3D graphics
– 90 unique twisted & challenging puzzles
– Relaxing nature sounds and ambient music
– 6 different locations: Sunset beach, Forest, Winter Wonderland, Savannah, Stonehenge, Tomb, 15 levels each
– 6 beautiful flowers loved by 6 cute fairies
– water & oil drops, split & combine them
– HD supported
– Game Center integrated
– Global Leader Boards

If you’re curious about the game, you can get it for free from iTunes (click the link to visit)


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