Ubisoft Plans to Bring Prince Of Persia: The Shadow And The Flame to iPhone

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Ubisoft released the original Prince of Persia game a while ago for iPhone and apparently things went really well, as they are planning to release a new old school game, Prince of Persia 2 aka Prince Of Persia: The Shadow And The Flame for iOS powered devices sometime this year.

Although the game will try to keep the feel of the original title released back in 1994, Prince Of Persia: The Shadow And The Flame will be updated with improved visuals and a control scheme that will go perfect with your iPhone: virtual joysticks, tapping and so on.

The game will have everything you can wish for from a Prince of Persia game, including 15 levels for you to complete, bosses to defeat and a lot of running and jumping from platform to platform. And if Ubisoft manages to do the same job they did with the remake of the original Prince of Persia for iPhone, then we have all the reasons to be extremely happy.

There is no release date announced for the game, but we should probably be able to give it a run in a few months from now.


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