U Pic 2 Answers: Level 41 – Level 60 Solution

More U Pics 2 answers for you here, this time for levels 41 to 60! I hope you’re still enjoying this great game just as much as we do and that you haven’t lost hope. And if you got stuck, we’ve got you covered with the correct answers for U Pic 2, with both screenshots and descriptions of the images to make searching through the sets as easy as possible.

And in case you can’t find what you’re looking for here, worry not as we’ve also published the U Pic 2 answers for the first 20 levels, as well as the solution to levels 21 – 40. And now let’s move on and let’s check out 20 more levels below!

U Pic 2 Answers: Level 41

u pic 2 level 41 answer

Images: Bars and broken cup
Answer: Prison Break

U Pic 2 Answers: Level 42

u pic 2 level 42 answer

Images: Compass pointing West and chicken wing
Answer: West Wing

U Pic 2 Answers: Level 43

u pic 2 level 43 answer

Images: Hip hopper guy and cowboy riding a horse
Answer: Low Rider

U Pic 2 Answers: Level 44

u pic 2 level 44 answer

Images: Donkey ears and dog food
Answer: Donkey Kong

U Pic 2 Answers: Level 45

u pic 2 level 45 answer

Images: Closing door and donut
Answer: Slam dunk

U Pic 2 Answers: Level 46

u pic 2 level 46 answer

Images: Counter and crows
Answer: Counting Crows

U Pic 2 Answers: Level 47

u pic 2 level 47 answer

Images: Water and spray can
Answer: Ocean Spray

U Pic 2 Answers: Level 48

u pic 2 level 48 answer

Images: Pearl in a shell and harbor
Answer: Pearl Harbor

U Pic 2 Answers: Level 49

u pic 2 level 49 answer

Images: Earring and muffin
Answer: Stud Muffin

U Pic 2 Answers: Level 50

u pic 2 level 50 answer

Images: Toys and book
Answer: Toy Story

U Pic 2 Answers: Level 51

u pic 2 level 51 answer

Images: Frozen thermometer and roast chicken
Answer: Cold Turkey

U Pic 2 Answers: Level 52

u pic 2 level 52 answer

Images: Man working out and astronaut on the moon
Answer: Stretch Armstrong

U Pic 2 Answers: Level 53

u pic 2 level 53 answer

Images: Thin man and chain
Answer: Weakest Link

U Pic 2 Answers: Level 54

u pic 2 level 54 answer

Images: Bottle and birds flying
Answer: Vanilla sky

U Pic 2 Answers: Level 55

u pic 2 level 55 answer

Images: Lion and Elvis impersonator
Answer: Lion King

U Pic 2 Answers: Level 56

u pic 2 level 56 answer

Images: People holding hands and knot on a rope
Answer: Hold Tight

U Pic 2 Answers: Level 57

u pic 2 level 57 answer

Images: Bird and Family tree
Answer: Partridge family

U Pic 2 Answers: Level 58

u pic 2 level 58 answer

Images: Man dunking and car
Answer: Dunkin Donuts

U Pic 2 Answers: Level 59

u pic 2 level 59 answer

Images: Robot and chicken
Answer: Robot chicken

U Pic 2 Answers: Level 60

u pic 2 level 60 answer

Images: Woman farting at a skunk and eaten apple
Answer: Tutti Fruity

And this is it! We have now completed 20 more levels in U Pic 2 and we’re ready for a brand new challenge. Stay tuned as we’ll deliver more answers soon!

UPDATE: Just as promised, we have published even more answers for U Pic 2 (20 new levels), make sure to check them out here.


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