Trolls: Crazy Party Forest Connection Problems & Progress Reset

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Ubisoft has recently launched a really cute game on the App Store and Google Play, Trolls: Crazy Party Forest. The game features beloved and colorful trolls, great city building and management mechanics and a lot of surprises for the players. Unfortunately, some of them – even though they are not planned by the development team – are extremely unpleasant, like the game being unable to connect to the servers and resulting in you being unable to play.

For a while now, for example, whenever I am trying to play Trolls: Crazy Party Forest, I get the following message:

“Server is under maintenance… Please come back later…”

These Trolls: Crazy Party Forest connection problems have plagued the game since it was launched and I was more often forced to stop try playing the game because of them. The text sometimes varies, but the idea is the same: you can’t connect and play Ubisoft’s latest mobile game, and that’s a real shame.


But it seems that the problems with this recently launched title won’t stop here. Many people complain that, after updating the game to the latest version, they lost all their progress. No matter if they were to level 5-6 or over level 20, everything was lost as if the game was reset. There is no word on this either, but I am sure that Ubisoft and the game’s development team is working on the clock to fix all the problems and those who lost their progress will get it back. Hopefully, because I can only imagine how hard it is to play the game and progress so much, just to see it all gone after the update.

Are you having connection problems with Trolls: Crazy Party Forest? Or maybe you are one of the unluckier people who got their progress reset? Let us know by commenting below and share with us any solutions that made your game work or got your progress back!


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2 thoughts on “Trolls: Crazy Party Forest Connection Problems & Progress Reset”

  1. I have been getting the can’t connect to server message for the past several hours. I updated the game in the meantime and now the error message says something about the server being under maintenance. This is a fun game but it crashes at least once a day and quite often I can’t connect at all.

  2. I tried to start the game but it froze when I tried to upgrade the house for my second troll. Now whenever I open the game it tells me to upgrade the house but there is no house on the screen to tap on. I have tried to uninstall it and reload to no avail


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