The Room Epilogue Walkthrough: Part 1 (iOS)

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Finally, the brilliant escape the room adventure game The Room for iOS has been updated! We are here with the walkthrough for The Room: Epilogue, the last chapter of this game that certainly kept us busy for hours and kept our brain wheels turning.

Just like the first part of the game, The Room Epilogue is brilliant and challenging and has some really hard to break puzzles. So if you got stuck, we’ve got you covered here: The Room Epilogue walkthrough for the iOS version will guide you through all the steps of the game. Enjoy the first part of the walkthrough below, plus a complete video walkthrough:

1. Tap the note on the table, then tap it again to read the message: Note the symbols at the upper right corner of the paper. Turn your iPhone or iPad around and you will see that they are actually piano keys. Remember the marked ones: B, D and F

2. Close the paper and go back. Put on the eyepiece for the magic lens and turn the camera to view the other side of the table. You will see a bright light on the table – tap it twice to zoom in.

3. The blue shining thing is a handprint, actually and you have to rotate the disc until it aligns with the handprint. After you do it correctly, it will pop up and reveal something.

4. Rotate the camera towards the right side of the disc after you take off the eyepiece and drag that slider all the way to the right. A compartment will be opened on the opposite side, and you will get a triangle from there.

5. Zoom out and turn to the right until you see the pen and notepad. To their left you can see a square tile. Zoom in to it.

6. Slide the tile down and it will reveal a mechanism. Place your gear there and push the bottom right button. The camera will move automatically to the left pointing at some orbs.

7. You have to hold and drag the slider all the way to the upper area, while turning on the orbs when you go past them. In order to do it correctly, move the slider all the way to the left and up, then down between the two orbs in the middle, then all the way to the right and up.

8. After correctly doing this and lighting up all the orbs, two new path will appear. This is more difficult, because we have to activate those switches without turning off the orbs. Here’s how to do it:

9. We’ll go for the top switch first, which is really easy to get to: simply hold and drag the slider to the left, down and then to the switch. Your slider will be moved all the way to the starting point.

10. For the last switch, things are a bit more complicated: go all the way to the left then up, then right at the top left corner of the first middle sun. There, move up and circle all the way to the right sun. Then go one step to the left, then up, left, down, right, then down to the switch.

11. Tap the new switch and the camera will now move to a canister on the table. Take the metal orb from it and examine it in your inventory.

12. At the top of the orb, there is a golden area. Rotate this until you find the round button in the center. Tap that button and your orb will unlock, then drag the top of it up and back to completely open the orb. Take the new gear from the orb.

13. Go to the mechanism on the table and place the square gear there, at the top. Tap the right button to open a drawer: drag it out and take the key.

14. Zoom out and turn to the right of the gears until you see the two metal paths on the table. Double tap the three symbols to zoom in. The top symbol has 3 dots, the middle symbol has 2 dots, and the bottom symbol has 1 dot.

15. Turn the camera to the left until you reach the left of the orbs puzzle area. Move the camera up now and you will see the Limited Edition English Drum Table thingie. Open it by double tapping it. Drag the metal block down and you will activate a switch. This switch will add three small golden plates to the series of symbols on the left.

16. Zoom out and move the camera to the left, then double tap the golden symbols for a brand new puzzle. You need to position each of the three golden plates on top of the correct symbol as seen on the side of the table. First, we have that triangle with a line on it, then the cross thing in a spiral and third an S with two lines at the top and bottom.

17. After completing this puzzle, the camera will move automatically to a small compartment at the bottom of the table where you will find a coin. What to do with it and how to complete The Room Epilogue is coming soon in part two of our complete text walkthrough for the game!

In case you are not a fan of text walkthroughs, Cody Rainer posted the walkthrough video on YouTube:

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