The NBA Live Companion App Allows You to Import Your Face to NBA Live 16

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It’s starting to become a trend now: big name games will also launch a “companion” app that offers more or less in terms of features and today basketball fans should be happy to hear that EA too decided to launch the NBA Live Companion app on the App Store. There are not a lot of features and goodies as some might expect, but the only thing it (currently) offers will certainly make a lot of people happy.

Because the NBA Live Companion that you can download for free starting today works like a face scanning app: one that allows you to import your looks into the game and create the real alter-ego in NBA Live games.

We all know that NBA 2K15 offered that feature already, but it was a hit and miss. However, EA managed to somehow make it work with this app and the results are pretty decent so far, according to the community. And you have all the reasons to be happy about that!

Now here’s the official description, if you are looking for some bigger words and promises: “Play with you, as you, with unprecedented quality. Exclusive to NBA LIVE 16, GameFace HD allows you to scan your face using your mobile device to create a high-definition 3D model to use on your created player in game. Now for the first time, the same cutting-edge technology to process and scan NBA players is available to you!”

One thing is clear, though: if you’re planning to get NBA Live 16, the NBA Live Companion is a must have app. So get it from the App Store – it’s free!


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