The Drowning Plans to Revolutionize iOS FPS Genre with Amazing Control Scheme

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Until now, playing a FPS game on your iPhone or iPad was a pretty difficult experience – complicated, lacking precision and frustrating. DeNa and Scattered Entertainment plan to change all that with The Drowning, their upcoming free to play post-apocalyptic shooter and from the video that I saw (and you can check out below), they might just make it!

Basically, what The Drowning proposes as a control scheme for their game is at the same time intuitive, extremely simple and ingenious: you only need two fingers, you can get a ton of precision and there will be absolutely no virtual joysticks on the screen. How do you translate that? The future of FPS gaming on mobile devices and the right way to do it.

For example, to control where you shoot in The Drowning for iPhone and iPad, you will tap the screen with two fingers – the area between your fingers is where the bullet will be headed. This means that in order to shoot enemies on the left and right, you will no longer have to move left or right and adjust. Want to zoom in your sniper rifle? Then simply pinch the screen as you would zoom into a photo. Want to move? Simply tap the place where you want to get to and swipe your finger on the screen to move left and right. It’s absolutely brilliant!

And you can see it all in action in The Drowning controls video below:

Now this is something that I really like and I am sure that all the developers will have to pick from now on!


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