The 4 Best iPad Air 2 Wood Cases

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When it comes to buying a case for their iPads, many owners go with the default Apple ones since it’s easier and they are sure they get something of high quality for their money. Wood is not the main material for iPad Air 2 cases nowadays, but we think that a real wood case brings up the style and durability to the next level, so we highly recommend getting one for your device.

And to make things even easier for you, we have checked out and ranked the best iPad Air 2 wood cases – and we’re sharing the results with you below. This way, your next favorite case is just one click away. And you’ll love it!

Cherry Wood Tree

01 cherry wood case

We’ll start with what I consider the best looking case here: a handcrafted case made from real eco-friendly wood with a beautiful design that brings up the style of your iPad Air 2. It’s sturdy and well made, but very light and offers access to all the functions of your tablet. Clearly a winner, so if you want to find out more about it – click here to check it out.

The Contega Case for iPad Air 2

02 cortega case for ipad air 2

Pad & Quill are offering an amazing combination of wood and leather, as well as multiple color options with their Contega Case for the iPad Air 2. It looks absolutely amazing and the leather feels fantastic when you touch it, and the design is absolutely beautiful, with full attention paid to all details: you’ll love the book bindery cloth which adds extra class and in the end, The Cortega Case as a whole. My favorite case – so click here to check it out.

Cover-Up Woodback

03 cover up woodback

A basic, but really nice looking real wood case for your iPad Air 2, handcrafted in the UK. The quality is there and you’ll enjoy the Cedar finishing (or choose a different model, since there are several available). It doesn’t come with display protection, but it’s compatible with screen protectors, so you can really get a complete package and some extra style with this one. So check it out here if you like it.

TOAST Button Cover

04 toast wooden case

An interesting approach, the TOAST is a peel and stick cover made of bamboo. Made in the USA, it ncludes button covers, is extremely light and looks great on any iPad Air 2. You can easily remove it and there will be no permanent residue left on your device, but you can’t re-use it. But if you are, just like me, the type of person who really sticks with their case, this one might be a great, stylish choice. Check it out here.

You have four options for iPad Air 2 wood cases and some top, high quality picks here. We really enjoyed them all and I hope that you will feel the same!


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