Test Your Knowledge Against Friends and Strangers in Coin A Phrase for iPhone

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I always thought that some guys on shows like Wheel of Fortune are really dumb and now it’s time to see if I was right or guessing a phrase is really that difficult when you just know some letters here and there. Coin a Phrase, created by Petroglyph for iOS operated systems (iPhone and iPad) will do that in an extremely fun way: by pitting me against my friends and total strangers for complete supremacy.

You take turns to be the first to solve a particular phrase and will earn in-game coins along the way. Draw cards or use hints to help you discover the answer before your opponent does. Both players guess the same phrase, however your revealed letters are unique. Its addictive gameplay and large number of categories include: Popular Phrases, Movie Titles, Song Titles, Sports Teams, Space, Books and Places. Coins are helpful to accrue along the way as they give you advantages over your opponent. The more coins you gain, the more hints become available for you to use. The entire collection of categories can be unlocked through an in-app purchase, while the free initial download has one starting category.

Sounds really interesting, and the fact that I like the most is the presence of multiplayer – a must have for games released today. And since Coin a Phrase is a free app available right now for download, I see no reason why you shouldn’t give it a try and see if you are good at this guessing game – so head over to iTunes and give it a try!


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