Swipey Arrows Hangman Cheats: Tips and Tricks

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Swipey Arrows Hangman is a new iPhone and iPad game that takes a classic concept – Hangman – and removes the word guessing aspect, replacing it with a skill based game mode that has you using both your left and right brain. In other words, you need to swipe arrows based on their color and things are not as easy as they might sound. So a few nice Swipey Arrows Hangman cheats and tips might come in handy and this is exactly what we have here to share with you at App Amped: our best Swipey Arrows tips and tricks, so check them out below and enjoy.

1. Be as fast as possible
During the first 60 seconds, it might all seem pretty boring with the slow pace of the game, but pretty soon the speed will increase dramatically and you will have to act very quick. If you get your brain used to acting fast, you will do better when the speed goes insane, so be as fast as possible. And don’t forget – you can mistake 5 times before it’s game over!

2. Stay focused
You need to be extremely focused in order to make the correct moves, so try to turn off all distractions when playing Swipey Arrows Hangman. No TV, to talking to other people, no thinking at anything else. Be focused entirely on the game and you’ll do great!

3. Pause the game
…and restart after taking a short break. For some reason, my brain seems to freeze at a certain point and I can only preform one type of move. That’s the moment when I have to pause the game, take 10 or 20 seconds to breathe, and get back to the game and continue from where I was. I got my highest score applying this little “cheat”.

For now, that’s all that we have to share with you in terms of Swipey Arrows Hangman tips and tricks. If you find anything else, let us know!


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