Supercell Scores Big With Launch of Clash Royale

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SuperCell seem to be the Midas of iOS gaming apps, as their most recent addition to their portfolio, Clash Royale, is proving to be golden and extremely successful. SuperCell are the developers of the popular strategy game Clash of Clans (as well as well known farming sim Hay Day or Boom Beach), who are all App Store chart toppers, but their latest release is enjoying – at least for the moment – an extremely successful launch and is doing, at the moment, way better than Clash of Clans.

Clash Royale is a MOBA / card collecting type of game with strategy elements, something pretty unique and never seen before on the market, borrowing characters (but not concepts) from the popular Clash of Clans game. In Clash Royale, players build decks, level up their cards and go to battle against other players trying to capture their King Tower. Each battle is fast paced and extremely fun, lasting 3-4 minutes (or less). Clans are important in the game as well and you can promote yours in our dedicated article here.

Initially soft-launched in a few countries, Clash Royale enjoyed the global release last week and has debuted at number one in many countries all over the globe. Today, several days after its launch, Supercell’s game is the number one game on the US App Store, as well as the number one grossing app in the store, managing to defeat Clash of Clans and… well… anybody else competing against it. So if you haven’t played it, you should do so know – it’s a free game and you can also download it on PC.

The fact that Clash Royale is successful proves that gamers are still looking for original and extremely fun games. Of course, being a title released by a well known publisher helps a lot, but the biggest advantage that this game has over its competition is the fact that it indeed offers a flawless, but also unique experience. With the App Store being flooded by copies of clones of popular games, Supercell’s new hit proves that the best approach is to try new things. Maybe Rovio will learn something out of this: their Angry Birds 2 game was never met with ovations, probably because it didn’t bring anything new to the table and we already had a billion Angry Birds games already. So kudos to Supercell for risking this and being able to deliver something totally new and beautiful!

The game, even though simple in concept, is really difficult to master, so if you plan to start playing it, do it after you check out some tips and tricks to help you get started. Or learn the fun way, by playing the game yourself. So many people can’t be wrong!


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