Sum Up: Train your brain with some simple sums

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A very simple game, all the skills needed are the ability to add up, the idea of the game is to add the different numbered blocks together to reach the specified total. Sounds easy doesn’t it? Well you might think so but you’ll probably find even on the easiest difficulty that one or two of the sums will stump you for longer than you think it should. But with daily use “Sum Up” should train your brain to calculate the sums faster and improve the way you use your brain.

Now the game is fairly simple but even so first time I played there was no instructions as to what I was supposed to do and I feel this may be a slight flaw to the game and a simple set of instructions would be beneficial. Also the simplicity of the game makes it fairly boring and it’s not a game I will be playing very often and I’m sure it’ll be deleted in not too long, it hasn’t got the addictive factor that makes you want to keep playing and play it daily.

Overall it’s a fairly well produced game and the graphics and sound are pretty good but the plot of the game itself means it’s never going to be a huge game in my opinion, although as I write this it sits at number 13 in the top free apps on iTunes, so maybe there’s something that I’m not seeing. Probably a good game for a few days but doesn’t have a long lifespan ahead.

iTunes Link: Sum Up


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