Steve Jackson’s Sorcery Is an Epic Gamebook You’ll Probably Love

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I am a huge fan of “choose your own adventure” type of games but unfortunately they are usually limited and poorly written, so I can count on my fingers the number of such games that I really liked. Fortunately, Sorcery (aka Steve Jackson’s Sorcery) looks like one amazing title – extremely promising and filled with plenty of choices, a great writing style and, something strange for such games, great graphics.

Based on the cult classic Sorcery! gamebooks, the game is developed by British studio inkle and merges an epic fantasy plotline with plenty of choices in an amazing adventure. Your quest is to reclaim the prized Crown of Kings – and the story writes itself around you.

On this fantastic journey, you’ll explore a gorgeously illustrated world populated with dangerous foes and fabulous beasts. Puzzle your way out of sticky situations. Compete in strategic turn-based combat or try your luck with magic. The game remembers every single decision you make and uses them to pen your own distinct adventure.

You can check out the official trailer of Steve Jackson’s Sorcery below:

If you like what you see (and you most likely do), make sure to head over to the App Store and download the game for $4.99.


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