Sloomy Cheats: Tips, Tricks & Strategy Guide to Get the Highest Score

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Sloomy is an extremely fun and just as quick match three game that gives you 60 seconds to get as much as possible in terms of points. You have to tap flowers to match them and that’s mostly it: there are no upgrades, no levels to progress through, just plain ol’ fun with no strings attached and just a competition against your own self and friends playing the game. And, despite its overflowing simplicity, it’s extremely addictive, so a bunch of Sloomy cheats and tips to help you get the highest possible score won’t hurt.

This is indeed a game where luck and your own skill matter the most, but every little extra bit might help and I am here to try and offer you that with some short and common sense guidelines to get the highest possible score in Sloomy. Let’s get this started!

1. Match at the bottom
Try matching at the bottom, after always starting with the three large flowers that every stage begins with. Grabbing those flowers gives you more points and matching at the bottom gives you the chance to open up drops for creating even more possible matches for your next moves.

2. Don’t miss!
Randomly tapping the screen in order to eventually get a match won’t do the trick: you really have to pay attention to the flowers you’re tapping because you get a combo bonus and after collecting a given number of flowers, you enter frenzy mode which gives you even more points for a short period of time. Make it your goal to always create matches without missing and get through as many frenzies as possible during your 60 seconds.

3. Ignore the sun and farmer
When the sun stops shining, it’s game over (after 60 seconds) and the farmer increases your score bonus – he’s at the bottom of the screen. Both are distractions, though, and you should completely ignore them. Just focus on your board and on making matches as quickly as possible.

4. The board changes
Every now and then, the board changes – and this appears to be completely random. So try to keep a general overview of the board in order to spot any changes: out of the blue, you might be rewarded with a huge flower to collect or a large row of smaller ones to grab you a super high score.

That’s about it for Sloomy! This is indeed a game that should be relaxing, fun and without to many strategic implications, but considering the tips and tricks we’ve shared above will surely help you get a high score in the game. So… what’s your highest score yet?


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