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CivMiner has just been launched, following in the great footsteps of CivCrafter. Just like the previous game, it offers us the option to join a clan – and being in a solid, extremely active clan is exactly what you need if you want to make it a lot easier for you to progress through the game.

However, finding active members for your clan (or an active clan altogether) can be extremely difficult, so I have decided to create this article where you can share your CivMiner clan invite code and hope for the best of the best.

In order to find your CivMiner invite code, simply tap the Clan screen (shield icon at the bottom) and you’ll see it listed there. The good thing is that you don’t even have to be the creator of the clan in order to get access to the clan code! How great is that?

Being in an active, top clan, is extremely important, as you can win a lot of free rubies. So share your CivMiner clan invite codes below and make sure you are in a top clan to get the most out of this amazing game!



  1. Lalos Reply

    Invite Code: WAXUP776

    If you are looking for a serious clan to join, look no further. Wonder is a serious mining clan competing for a top position on the leaderboards through the gain of oil and artifacts. Just started up so feel free to join, it will be invite only once we fill the clan. We also have a Kik group called #wonderclan that anyone can join.

    Thanks and I hope to see all of you soon,


    1. Harrisonsf Reply

      GUGAM427 <—- invite code

      Looking for a clan that wants serious business and a top 10 spot? Major miners founded today is looking for people with 10 or more fossils and active members hoping for a top spot in the boards! Happy mining!


  2. ABINGY Reply

    Clan Just Created

    Master Miners

    Invite Code: RUPEM947

    Looking for active players who have ten plus fossils.

  3. BlueSlayer Reply

    My clan, the slayer is looking for new members. If you would like to join please have at least 10 fossils but more is preferred . Just make sure you are active and can mine oil at a considerable pace(at least 30 oil a day). The code is CAHAK766. See ya there!

  4. Rtlopez Reply

    XUVAQ336 That is the code u need to join TheRift. I am Rtlopez and I plan to make TheRift Número Uno mi amigos! Hard work, dedication, and FUN. Those are the three ideas you need to be in this awesome clan (so far I’m the only one in it… Lol) ha anyway. Feel free to join me in my quest because… I want to be the very best! However I can’t exactly do that by myself so I need YOU! Let’s do this thang!

  5. SubZero Reply

    Clan name: Lin Kuei(SubZero clan)
    I am a big fan of SubZero a character from Mortal Kombat
    Everyone can join.

  6. Johnny Reply

    JECUX723 looking for active players that have some artifacts and also active players.the Clan is new we have currently 25 of oil and 8 fossils.Im glad to have you in!

  7. Mattyson Reply

    Hello just started a clan looking for active members to help mine and raid for oil and get to the Top 10.
    Clan name: Almighty Reapers
    Tag: AR0
    Invite Code: XUZEK792
    Hope to see you guys in my clan!!

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