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You need allies in Card King: Dragon Wars in order to perform better and to have some great helper cards to choose from, but allies or friends that you invite to join you will also give you rewards and allow you to play against them in the arena to hone your skills and triple the fun.

Therefore, I have decided to create this article where everybody can promote their Card King: Dragon Wars invite code and get more friends who play the game. So simply post a comment in the comment section below (ideally share the type of creature you have as an ally creature) and other people will add you – make sure to return the favor in order to have everybody get a fair reward!

In order to see your Card King: Dragon Wars invite code, tap the wheel icon on your profile badge while in the city (to access the Settings page). There you will see your User ID, like xx-xxxxx – copy that and share it with us so that others can search for and add you.

Alternately, you can also send your friend code in the comment section below so that others can add it and redeem rewards: simply tap the “Invite Friend” button in the Settings menu and you will see your invite code. That has to be used in the settings menu under the “Redeem Friend Code” option.

Good luck and hopefully this will help you get some really active and great Card King: Dragon Wars allies!


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