Shadow Shapes Answers: Level 41 – Level 60 Cheats

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We are back with more answers for you for the beautiful game Shadow Shapes. We managed with a lot of difficulty to complete the first 40 levels, and now the challenge is on us to get all the way to level 60. This means that in this article we do have the Shadow Shapes answers for levels 41 to 60!

In case you need help with the previous levels or if your randomized puzzles are not in the same order as ours, check out our previous articles with cheats: level 1 – 20 and level 21 – 40. Now let’s check out below the level 41 to 60 answers below!

Shadow Shapes Level 41 answer

shadow shapes level 41 answer


Shadow Shapes Level 42 answer

shadow shapes level 42 answer

Bird of Paradise

Shadow Shapes Level 43 answer

shadow shapes level 43 answer


Shadow Shapes Level 44 answer

shadow shapes level 44 answer


Shadow Shapes Level 45 answer

shadow shapes level 45 answer


Shadow Shapes Level 46 answer

shadow shapes level 46 answer

This is clearly some sort of a vehicle, but I haven’t been able to identify it. Maybe somebody can help?

Shadow Shapes Level 47 answer

Golf Cart

Shadow Shapes Level 48 answer

Lava Lamp

Shadow Shapes Level 49 answer


Shadow Shapes Level 50 answer


Shadow Shapes Level 51 answer


Shadow Shapes Level 52 answer


Shadow Shapes Level 53 answer

Toilet Paper

Shadow Shapes Level 54 answer


Shadow Shapes Level 55 answer


Shadow Shapes Level 56 answer

Wiener Dog

Shadow Shapes Level 57 answer


Shadow Shapes Level 58 answer


Shadow Shapes Level 59 answer


Shadow Shapes Level 60 answer


And this is it! We got stuck with the answers and maybe you can help us with the levels we don’t know! That would be absolutely great!

Edit: We have more answers to share with you, make sure to check out the Shadow Shapes answers for levels 61 all the way to 100!


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9 thoughts on “Shadow Shapes Answers: Level 41 – Level 60 Cheats”

      • Figured out 51-tiara. 52-toilet paper. 53-carrot. 54-Italy 55-wiener dog. 56-bowl. 57-ladybug. 58-light house. 59-balloons. 60-umbrella. That is all I have for now. Hope this helps. Totally baffled by 61 and it is only 4 letters. Looks like some type of cactus.

  1. I have answers for 46-85 and then 96-128. For some reason I didn’t write down 86-95. They must have been easy. If someone needs answers let me know.

    • Hey, Sharon! If you could send them over using the contact form found on the page at the bottom of the screen, it would be great, I’d love to post all the answers!

      • Hey Ross, my ipad doesn’t show any contact form. No clue why… If you could send it to my email, I will fill it out and send it back..


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