Scurvy Scallywags First Trailer Released

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Actully named Scurvy Scallywags in The Voyage to Discover the Ultimate Sea Shanty, the creator of the game, Ron Gilbert, released the first trailer for Scurvy Scallywags. The famous game designer, Ron Gilbert, made the game after leaving Double Fine Production. We don’t know how he thought of the unusual name for the game but it sounds like a match-3 and RPG genre as it really is.

The Scurvy Scallywags trailer reveals everything you need to know about the game. You will encounter ugly monsters to battle and you will have to build ships in order to advance in the game, but even if the story is not an usual one, the strategy you will play by is the same as any match-3 genre games.

Ron Gilbert and his partner Clayton Kauzlaric, teamed up put together Scurvey Scallywags match-3 genre game, one of the many games for them to do together, after DeathSpank and The Big Big Castle! If they succeeded with those we can hope they will surprise us with Scurvy Scallywags, a match-3 genre that doesn’t have any surprises left.

We are waiting for the game to launch, as do you I suppose and we will be back with more news, if any, about the game.


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