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Ahoy, matey! So you’ve started your Scurvy Scallywags journey and finding it mighty difficult to clear the boards and kill the beasts and grab the treasure? Worry not, matey, as we are here to give you a helping hand and a virtual pint o’ rum with our Scurvy Scallywags cheats, tips and tricks to turn you into the pirate Blackbeard himself would fear!

So from strategy on how to clear the match three boards to suggestions on your character skill upgrades and in depth strategy, our Scurvy Scallywags guide’s got it all, so let’s check out the tips & tricks below because we have a game to play and win!

1. Keep your pirate alive!
This should be your main goal in the game, as your pirate only has three lives and once they’re done (after being killed with a bomb or by a stronger monster), you will either have to pay a ton of coins to revive him or start over with a new pirate (but you get to keep the items and coins). However, that’s not what you’d like – starting over, that is – so do your best to keep your pirate alive. Here are some ways to make sure that you never lose hearts:

– plan ahead: monsters won’t jump onto you from start, and you should plan ahead your moves in such a way that you maximize the swords you get while, at the same time, staying as far away as possible from the enemies.
– charge your power-ups: from the frog leap to pistol and even the small power-up that allows you to swap two tiles, you can use all these power-ups when in need to save your life.
– run away: can you swipe left or right to drag your character or the monster that’s near you away? Then do so if he’s stronger and you save your life and the use of power-ups for when they’re really needed.

2. Don’t rush to kill the enemies
When you manage to destroy all the enemies in the level, you are taken back to the map. Your goal should be to make as many matches as possible before completing a level, because that means more money, more parts for the ships and more quest items for you. So keep playing each level for as long as possible before moving on!

3. Sell the crap
You will collect tens of useless junk items: make sure you sell them from the character menu and use the money to replenish power-ups and buy new ones.

4. What attributes to improve?
Every time you gain a level, you can improve one of the 5 attributes of your pirate and it’s not pretty clear what they do (plus, you only get a 2% bonus when you upgrade a skill). My suggestion is to invest all those skill points in Dodge, to increase the chances of you getting away with no hearts lost after a fight with a stronger monster. Because, trust me, you will eventually find yourself in a position where you’ll have no other option than to fight a stronger monster!

5. What skills to use?
We are talking here about the non-passive skills which are automatically used at all times. I prefer to play on the defensive and keep things safe, so I play with the following set of skills: gun (to reduce the power of monsters if we need to), frog leap (to run away from them), swap adjacent pieces (again, to be on the run again), the skill that lets you jump to the nearest quest item because it’s easier to do so and either the skill that converts the most popular item on the board in gold or the cut-and-run powerup which should only be used as the last call.

6. Match four or more
If you manage to match more than 3 items, you get more of that item. This is extremely useful in the case of swords, because you get 2 power (or more if you match more) instead of one!

7. Build ships!
This is usually overlooked and forgotten by gamers, but during your game, you will also collect ship pieces that you should build as soon as possible for passive effects (like the “A Pirate’s Ship” that reduces the cooldown of all your skills by 10%!).

And this is it for now, these are our tips and tricks for a better strategy in Scurvy Scallywags. Do you have other tips or cheats to share with fellow players? Share them with us!


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