Cheats: Tips, Tricks & Strategy Guide for Better High Scores

| | is not your typical .io game. Instead of throwing at you tanks or snakes or other fast paced things, it just gives you gems. A lot of gems, actually, and challenges you to create as many matches as possible. With two different game modes – Zen and Marathon, things can get pretty complicated and equally interesting so I’ve decided to come share with you a quick guide for playing the game and getting the most out of it. Therefore, we have here some cheats and tips that will help you get a better high score.

To be honest, there’s not really a lot to say rather than “just do your thing and play it smart” but we’ll actually try to do so. So if you’re just starting up or even if you’re an experienced player, read on for our tips and tricks for better scores and more matches.

1. Ignore the Zen mode
If you are to ask me, the Zen mode is a complete waste of time. There’s absolutely no challenge attached to it whatsoever – you will eventually run out of gems and you have the option to watch an ad to get more. Then take your time, create the three-in-a-row matches, rinse and repeat. Absolutely nothing interesting, nothing to bring in some diversity or challenge. Don’t play this mode and instead focus on the Marathon which is the real deal!

2. Speed is vital
When playing the Marathon mode, speed is extremely important but fortunately you can create an easy-to follow method to keep on matching the tiles without a problem. Basically, all you have to do is to create rows of three gems of the same color, then match them by adding the left to the center, then the right to the center.

Remember to be very fast and try bringing in the gems that are closest by, then focus on gems that are further away. There is no real logic here, just be fast and try to clear the board ASAP so that more gems fall back in and you have more to play with. The speed at which the meter will deplete also seems to increase as you get further, so that’s why you should be as fast as possible.

3. Don’t allow high columns to remain on the board
Although there’s usually little strategy to have when playing the game, you should take one important thing into account: don’t let high columns to remain on the board because they will slow you down a lot if, for example, you need one gem for a match which is at the top of the column. Getting it would lose you a lot of time, so always try to keep the columns as even as possible and as low as possible, taking gems for your matches from all of them in order to even them out.

4. Watch ads to refill the meter
Just like in the Zen mode which gives you more gems, you can watch ads in the Marathon mode to refill your time meter and have a chance at playing the game even more. Take advantage of this chance multiple times in a row – this is the only way to really score tons of points! is an extremely simple and very straightforward game and, even though it doesn’t offer any type of more complex goodies, like special gems, more than three matches in a row or anything actually, it still proves to be extremely popular. We’ve covered whatever little strategy involves the game so there you have it.

If you can think of some extra tips or tricks, don’t hesitate to share them with us in the comment section below.


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