Rooms&Exits Chapter 1 Level 6 – Level 9 Walkthrough

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You’re back for more Room & Exits chapter 1 levels, so here I am with the walkthrough for the next 4 levels of this game.

Follow me closely and do as I show you, step-by-step, to make sure you’re not missing any clues. I tried to be as detailed as possible to make it easier for you.

I’ll leave you the article for Rooms&Exits chapter 1 answers level 1 to level 5, in case you need it.

Check out these next walkthroughs so you can advance faster in the game.

Rooms & Exits Chapter 1 Level 6 Cell Phone Store Walkthrough

  • Check the purse on the couch and take the card from inside.
  • Look at the magazines on the table and take the clue on the piece of paper.
  • Tap on the tablets on display and take the bent item next to the blue tablet.
  • In the flower pot, there’s a key.
  • Use it in the little green drawer next to the couch.
  • You’ll find another bent item.
  • Combine the two items together.
  • Use the handle newly formed on the drawer under the phones on display.
  • Take the phone from inside.
  • Go to your backpack and dismantle the card found in the purse to get a sim card.
  • Do it twice because you’ll need the smallest part.
  • Use the sim card on the phone.
  • Examine the clue you found on top of the magazines to unlock the phone.
  • Draw the same pattern to unlock and remember the passcode: 792438
  • Between the TV and the phone’s display, there’s a panel with numbers.
  • Enter the passcode 792438 to move to the next clue.
  • Remember the pattern in which the phones lit up.
Rooms & Exits Chapter 1 Level 6 Cell Phone Store pattern solution
  • Tap on the TV and enter the pattern above to open up the safe box.
  • After it opens you can take the key from inside and you can use it to escape.

You can watch my video walkthrough if you think it might help you understand better:

Rooms & Exits Chapter 1 Level 7 Cinemas Walkthrough

  • Check the water bottles under the Menu 3 ad. Take the selfie stick.
  • Look at the counter next to the number 1 register.
  • The Movie flier has a number on the back: F12E9D5C2B4A11C8
  • Tap on the Chips under the Menu 1 ad and take the cable.
  • Dismantle your selfie stick and use the stick to get the key from the key holder on the left wall.
  • Click on the coffee machine and take the register paper roll.
  • Tap on the drawer under the coffee machine and use the key to open it.
  • Take the crumbled paper from inside and dismantle it to find this code: CNMA
  • Go to register number 2 and enter CNMA into the computer and press the tick button.
  • Press the red ? button and solve the maze.
Rooms & Exits Chapter 1 Level 7 Cinema maze puzzle solution
  • Tap on register number 3 now and use the cable to connect the ticket machine to the monitor.
  • Use the paper roll on the machine and press the red ? button.
  • Now select all the letter numbers on the movie flier in the same order.
  • You’ll receive a cinema ticket.
  • Go to the next room and take the scissors out of the potted plant.
  • Use the ticket in the machine between the two doors.
  • Enter door number 2 and take the popcorn bucket, the 3D glasses, and the handle on the chair in front of you.
  • Go out and to the main area. Use the bucket on the popcorn to fill it.
  • Use the handle on the soda fridge and take a Giggers beer.
  • Go back to the cinema room and put the bucket back on the right side of your chair.
  • Then put the beer on the left side of the chair so the movie will start.
  • Use the glasses on the screen to see the numbers: 1372
  • Go out to register number 2 and press the gray ? to be able to enter the code 1372.
  • Press the red ? button to solve another blind maze.
Rooms & Exits Chapter 1 Level 7 Cinema maze register 1 puzzle solution
  • Tap on register number 1 and click on the red ? button.
  • It will open a calculator and show you the menu ads from the main area.
  • Enter all the prices and add them up: 8+11+13= A3 B4 C10 D12 E11 A1 F6
  • Go to register number 3 to issue another ticket and after pressing the red ?, tap on these numbers A3 B4 C10 D12 E11 A1 F6 in that order.
  • Go to the other area and use the ticket on the machine to open cinema number 1.
  • Take the movie flier off the ground and combine it with the scissors to make 3D glasses.
  • Use the glasses on the movie and remember the arrows ↑ ↑ ↓ ↑ ↓
  • Go outside and use this code on the fire extinguisher lock.
  • First 2 up, third down, fourth up, and fifth down.
  • Take the fire extinguisher and use it on the big firey movie ad in the register area.
  • It will reveal the code 3581.
  • Use the code on the Exit red door in the other room.

You can take a look at my video with the whole walkthrough here:

Rooms & Exits Chapter 1 Level 8 Pharmacy Walkthrough

  • Check the potted plant in the corner and take the letter clue.
  • Look at the two yellow chairs and take the band-aid net to the purse.
  • Look at the shelf above the chairs and note where every tube of medicine is located.
Rooms & Exits Chapter 1 Level 8 Pharmacy letter puzzle solution
  • It will spell HEALTH.
  • Go to the cabinet next to the heart painting and enter the code HEALTH to open the lock.
  • Take the yellow bottle and the key.
  • Go to the other long cabinet next to the chairs and open it using the key.
  • Take the Vitamin C and the hammer.
  • Now check the cabinet in the middle with glass doors.
  • Use the hammer to break the glass and take the Vitamin D bottle.
  • The drawer under this can be opened and you can take another Vitamin A bottle.
  • Click on the bowl on the counter under the painting and use the yellow bottle here.
  • After you empty it you’ll notice some pills have some number on them.
  • From smallest number to biggest, ignoring the 28 that repeats: 16, 23, 43, 56.
  • Now go to the other middle cabinet and enter this code to open the lock: 16234356
  • Take the scissors and the Vitamin B bottle.
  • First, dismantle the band-aid. Then combine the scissors and the band-aid left.
  • Look at the poster on the door to the right and use the long strip of band-aid to tape it so you can see the order of the vitamins.
  • Click on the shelf next to this door, the top right shelf, and use the bottles of vitamins.
  • Put them in this order, from left to right: D-B-E-C-K-A
  • Go to the computer and enter DBECKA password.
  • Click on the first document, the prescription to Fred Corben.
  • Look at the cupboard under the painting. Take the patients’ files and look through till you find Fred Corben.
  • It tells you the medicaments he took. Vitamin D is among them.
  • Check the other file on the computer and look at the pattern under Vitamin D.
  • It is purple and has 7 dots.
  • Go to the Exit and move the arrows till you first get 007 then switch to pick the color and make the number purple. Now you are free to leave.

If you have trouble, maybe my video can help out:

Rooms & Exits Chapter 1 Level 9 Optical Store Walkthrough

  • Check the glasses’ cases on the right side of the mirror up ahead.
  • Take the key and the red 0,75 lens.
  • Check the small cabinet on the left next to the open door.
  • Open the drawer and take the glasses from inside.
  • Look at the magazine on the receptionist’s desk. Remember this pattern.
Rooms & Exits Chapter 1 Level 9 Optical Store Glasses solution
  • Use the key to open the lock to the doors in the wall on top of this cabinet.
  • Put the glasses you found on the lowest shelf.
  • Click on the middle column and arrange the glasses by model like in the magazine.
  • The number 68459 will be revealed.
  • Look at the farthest round showcase with glasses.
  • Click on the black lock and enter the 68459 code.
  • You can open the first drawer and take an orange -1,25 lens.

Go to the other room:

  • Check the file on the cabinet and look inside the file.
  • Take the clue with you and remember R -1,25 and L -2,50
  • Look in the left desk drawers and take the blue -2,50 lens
  • Tap on the eye machine in front of the patient’s chair.
  • Use the lenses you collected and put the blue 2,50 in the top left corner of the eye machine and the 1,25 in the top right corner.
  • The image will stop being blurry and reveal the letter O.
  • Tap on the poster with the letters on the right wall and tilt it to the left.
  • Go back to look through the eye machine, it will reveal the letter T.
  • Now go and tilt the poster to the right, look through the eye apparatus, and it will show the letter D.
  • Tap on the painting with colorful circles and move it aside.
  • Open the safe box by rotating the arrow first to the left till it reaches T.
  • Left again till it reaches letter O, then left till it goes to D.
  • Inside you’ll find a key and go to the other room with it.
  • Use the key on the locked door to the right.

Make sure you follow all my instructions, here’s a video to help with that:


You’ve reached this far in Rooms & Exits – No Honor Among Thieves chapter 1, so I’m sure you feel the same way as I do… that’s addicted to it.

But don’t worry, I’m here to help you with every level and chapter so you can finish it all. So check back for my next article on Rooms & Exits chapter 1 walkthrough for level 10.

We’re on this journey together and I’m happy to share my answers with you in these walkthroughs. So stay tuned!


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