Rooms&Exits Chapter 2 Level 5 Walkthrough [Workshop]

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Here’s another simple walkthrough for Rooms and Exits Chapter 2 level 5 ready for you to get into the workshop and discover all the clues.

We’ve already explored the Guest Toilet in my last walkthrough for Rooms and Exits Chapter 2 level 4, now it’s time to move on.

Even the best of us stumble sometimes with finding the right clues for the easiest levels, but I’m here to show you how is done. Even if I make it look like it’s easier than it really is, we all need some help from time to time.

Rooms & Exits Chapter 2 Level 5 Workshop Walkthrough

Rooms and Exits Chapter 2 Level 5 Workshop Walkthrough
  • Check out the tools above the workbench and take the saw handle and the hammer.
  • The 3 wrenches have all different sizes: 4 – 10 – 19
  • Check the red toolbox and enter the code 41019 in the middle.
  • Take the saw blade and the handle.
  • Combine the saw blade and saw handle to fix the saw.
  • Use the saw to cut the wooden plank that holds the closet closed.
  • Take the piece of paper from inside, it has this clue on: …—… (in Morse Code that’s SOS)
  • Another clue is written on the back: XC = 3 and 4 = XL – 10
  • Look into the recycling bin and take the crumbled paper, it has a 2 = X clue on.
  • Go to the laptop and enter the code SOS.
  • The clock that appears on the screen it’s 14:00
  • Go to the cuckoo clock and arrange the arrows to say 2 o’clock.
  • The cuckoo will give you a key.
  • Open the birdcage with it.
  • Use the handle on the music box inside the birdcage.
  • The note inside says 1 = L
  • All these clues are meant to be transformed in Roman numbers:
    • 1 = L = 50
    • 2 = X = 10
    • 3 = XC = 90
    • 4 = XL – 10 = 40 – 10 = 30
  • Go to the safebox and enter those numbers in that order.
  • Take the glass bottle from inside and smash it with the hammer.
  • There’s a USB stick inside with the time 15:45 on.
  • Go to the cuckoo clock and enter that time: 3.45
  • It will give you a screwdriver and show you a piece of paper with red paint on it.
  • Use the screwdriver to open the bucket of red paint.
  • Take the key from inside and open the Exit door.
  • Now you’re free to move on to the next location.

Wrapping up

Another day and another walkthrough done for Rooms and Exits Chapter 2 level 5. We saw what the Workshop looked like, now it’s time to move on and find our next room.

Follow me into the Guest Bedroom with my next walkthrough for Rooms and Exits chapter 2 level 6, where I’ll reveal more clues and show you how to solve all hints.


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  1. So I somehow skipped everything, turned the clock hand, it gave me the screwdriver and I got the key from the paint can. That’s it. Maybe a glitch?

    • I found out in another walkthrough site that the way the miners are given is a clue for the rotation. So 1=L means that you have to turn clockwise to 50 and XC=30 means you have to turn anticlockwise to the 90…


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