Rooms&Exits Chapter 2 Level 24 Walkthrough [Hallway]

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Here is your last chance to find the murderer in Rooms and Exits chapter 2 level 24 if you follow my walkthrough.

My last walkthrough of Rooms and Exits chapter 2 level 23 just brought us closer to solving the mysterious murder.

Now it’s time to finish the story and I’m here to help you through all the puzzles, opening all the locks to finish up strong.

Rooms & Exits Chapter 2 Level 24 Hallway Walkthrough

Rooms and Exits Chapter 2 Level 24 Hallway Walkthrough
  • There are scissors on the table.
  • Use them to unstitch the rectangle on the pillow on the chair next to the table.
  • Take the key and check the stairs.
  • The book on the stairs has a note with a clue: R = 5
  • Move the long carpet on the left of the screen and take the tool under it.
  • Use it on the lock of the cabinet next to the entrance door, and push it to get all up.
  • Get the nail inside and check the entrance door.
  • Another clue can be found there: N = 3
  • Check the leather jacket next to the door and use the key to open the safe behind it
  • Inside you’ll find another clue: D = 7 and a blue X button.
  • Look at the drawer under the safe and put the blue X button on the puzzle there.
  • Use the X buttons to move the green key around until it reaches the pink lock.
  • Inside you’ll find a shoe brush.
  • Use it to clean the boots at the entrance.
  • The name on the boots is RANDY
  • Look at the suitcase on top of the shelves to your left.
  • The code to opening them lies in the shoelaces under it.
  • Look at the laces that you can see to the back: 075
  • You’ll find a hammer inside.
  • Go at the fallen painting on the right and combine the hammer with the nail first.
  • Use this on the X spot on the wall to find another clue: A = 1
  • On your right, there’s a door with a code.
  • Next to it, there’s a cabinet with yellow flowers on top.
  • To open this cabinet you need to check the watches on the shelf above the green couch.
  • Figure out the one with a question mark. It should be 07:05
  • Enter that code into the cabinet and find another clue: Y = 8
  • To open the door on the right tap the numbers you found as clues so you spell RANDY.
    • 51378 is the code you need to get out.

Wrapping up

Rooms and Exits chapter 2 comes to an end with this last level 24. The hallway was the last place we needed to go through and finish the “Murder Dressed in White” chapter.

Next, I’ll be solving the puzzles in my next walkthrough for Rooms and Exits chapter 3 Pharaoh’s Bride level 1.

Until next time see yu around, and let me know what you thought about the story in this chapter we just finished.


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