Rooms&Exits Chapter 2 Level 23 Walkthrough [Entertainment Room]

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We are close to find the murderer with this new walkthrough for Rooms and Exits chapter 2 level 23.

We discovered a lot more in my last walkthrough for Rooms and Exits chapter 2 level 22, that gave us more clues of who the bad guy is.

The walkthrough below is pretty straightforward, just follow my lead and you’ll be out of the Entertainment Room in a jiffy.

Rooms & Exits Chapter 2 Level 23 Entertainment Room Walkthrough

Rooms and Exits Chapter 2 Level 23 Entertainment Room Walkthrough
  • In the closest corner, there are 3 billiard cues, you can take one.
  • On the counter, there’s a candy bowl and in there you’ll find a cue chalk.
  • On the other side of the counter, there’s a gramophone and scissors on it.
  • Use the scissors on the green chair next to the pool table and you can get some sponge.
  • Go back to the bar and move the first chair (from right to left)
  • Check the panel behind, that has the black dots.
  • There are only 2 sides: white square – black dot, and black square – white dot
  • Look at the chairs at the bar and get the buttons in this order:
    • black dot – white dot – black dot – white dot – white dot – black dot
  • Inside you’ll find an 8-ball.
  • Combine the cue chalk with the cue stick and put the 8-ball on the pool table and use the cue stick to hit the balls.
  • Notice the balls and each hole they got into.
  • Find their numbers by looking at the other green chair that has all the balls on:
    • I – Full orange – 5
    • II – Green stripe – 14
    • III – Full green – 6
    • IV – Blue stripe – 10
    • V – Black (which is the 8 ball)
    • VI – Full blue – 2
  • Now look at the darts target and notice the note there and combine that knowledge with each hole number and the balls that got in:
    • 1 + 6 => 5 + 2 = 7
    • 4/6 => 10/2 = 5
    • 2 – 5 => 14 – 8 = 6
    • 3 – 1 => 6 – 5 = 1
  • On the football table, there’s a box you can insert that code to open it: 7561
  • There’s a coin inside.
  • Go to the plug next to the door and use the sponge to gather the juice on the wire.
  • Now you can plug in the machine.
  • Check the coin region of the machine right next to the plug.
  • Insert the coin there and play the game until you win and you are given the high scores.
    • 1st: You – 56941
    • 2nd: Tom – 46987
    • 3rd: Oly – 24567
  • Check the box on the table in front of the couch and enter that code.
  • You’ll find a tile with some arrows on it.
  • Look at the four disks on the wall and at the panel in the middle.
  • Use the tile here to solve this puzzle.
  • I suggest you start with the 3rd arrow on the fourth row (only one pointed to the left)
  • Then tap on each one that darkens and you’ll be able to solve it.
  • The next code is based on the high scores.
    • 2 – T
    • 1 – Y
    • 3 – O
  • Here you’ll find the key to get out.

Wrapping up

Lots of mysteries unraveled in this level 23 of Rooms and Exits chapter 2, so watch out for more clues on the final level that you’ll play next.

If you’re having trouble with that one as well I’ll hurry up and write about it as soon as possible so you’ll have your walkthrough ready for Rooms and Exits chapter 2 level 24.


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