Rooms&Exits Chapter 2 Level 20 Walkthrough [Kids Bedroom 2]

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I’m sure you’ll enjoy this walkthrough for Rooms and Exits Chapter 2 Level 20, as it was easy and fun to make and play.

Less messy than my last one for Rooms and Exits Chapiter 2 Level 19 for sure. At least this room was not flooded or messy.

Follow the step-by-step walkthrough below and you’ll be able to find the key to get out and get closer to finding the murderer.

Rooms & Exits Chapter 2 Level 20 Kids Bedroom 2 Walkthrough

Rooms and Exits Chapter 2 Level 20 Kids Bedroom 2 Walkthrough
  • Look at the green monster on top of the wardrobe and get the red gem.
  • Look inside the purple backpack and take a white gem from inside.
  • Go to the chair at the desk, pick up the pillow, and get the half scissors.
  • Look in the farthest corner at the game on the wall, and take the zipper key and the battery from the game.
  • Look under the pillow on the bed and take another battery.
  • Look inside the pink tabouret next to the doll house and take the flashlight.
  • Use the zipper key on the Tippee tent, look at the box in the doll’s hand, and take the key with a house-shaped keychain.
  • Move the pillow in front and take a screwdriver.
  • Now use the key on the little door on the house-shaped shelf by the door.
  • Take the blue gem from inside.
  • Use the screwdriver to take out the bike’s headlight and take the yellow gem.
  • Combine the two batteries with the flashlight and use it to look under the bed.
  • Solve the puzzle under the bed by always pairing colors on all 4 sides.
Rooms and Exits Chapter 2 Level 20 Kids Bedroom 2 Tile Puzzle
  • Take the green gem from inside.
  • Look at the desk and take the other half of the scissors.
  • Combine the two pieces and use it to open up the wardrobe.
  • On the sun hat, there’s a purple gem you can take.
  • Look at the pillow on the bed and notice the label.
  • It gives you the pattern to put the gems inside the case of the box on the desk.
Rooms and Exits Chapter 2 Level 20 Kids Bedroom 2 Gem Pattern
  • The order is: green – red – purple – blue – yellow
  • The box opened and you can take the key inside.
  • Use it to get out, even though you still have a white gem (diamond)

Wrapping up

We’re getting closer to the end of this second chapter of Rooms and Exits. Keep playing so you can see how the story ends.

I’ll post my next walkthrough for Rooms and Exits chapter 2 level 21 as soon as I can, so I don’t leave you hanging without the answers you need.

Keep me posted with your progress and any problems you encounter in the comments section below.


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