Rooms&Exits Chapter 2 Level 18 Walkthrough [Basement]

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This walkthrough for the basement of Rooms and Exits Chapter 2 Level 18 was more complicated than I first thought when I saw it.

Nothing like my last walkthrough for Rooms and Exits Chapter 2 Level 17, where we finished fast and every clue was right there in your face.

If you stumbled on this level, don’t worry, I did too, but now I’m here and the walkthrough I made below will help you finish without a headache.

Rooms & Exits Chapter 2 Level 18 Basement Walkthrough

Rooms and Exits Chapter 2 Level 18 Basement Walkthrough
  • Tap on the stairs in the middle.
  • One of the steps has a loose plank you can move.
  • You’ll find a cloth inside that you can dismantle to find a switch as well.
  • As you look at the plank there’s a device on the left side.
  • Use the switch on that device to empty the water in the basement.
  • Check the basket in the corner and take the clothes.
  • Put the clothes in the washer first.
  • Look at the top part of the blue cabinet, and take the round box and rectangle box.
  • Dismantle both to get a bunch of circular different-colored items.
  • Check the middle part of the blue cabinet and get the wrench.
  • Look at the clothes hanger next to the sink.
  • Notice the pattern of the coat hangers, it looks like a V check.
  • Go to the middle part of the blue cabinet and make the same pattern on the safe door.
Rooms and Exits Chapter 2 Level 18 Basement Blue Cupboard Puzzle
  • Get some detergent from the drawer that opens, put it in the washer, and turn the washing machine on.
  • Check the bottom part of the blue cabinet, open the doors, and take a look at the wooden stick.
  • Put all the circles on the screen and arrange them to form a pyramid, from the biggest to smallest the same color pattern as the clothes in your inventory.
    • red – yellow – light green – cyan – blue – pink
  • Remember the Xs that appear on them.
Rooms and Exits Chapter 2 Level 18 Basement Pyramid Puzzle
  • Look at the mirror above the sink and tap on the tiles in the same pattern the Xs were.
    • First row: second tile
    • Second row: third tile
    • Third row: first tile
  • It will give you a key.
  • Use the key on the number 2 locker door to the left.
  • Take a magnifying glass from the inside.
  • Check the panel above the TV, use the wrench to open it, and get the toilet pump.
  • Use it on the flooded blue sink and take use the orange cloth to wipe it.
  • Solve the minigame by using the arrows, making the ball fall and reach the green spot.
  • Inside you’ll find a key.
  • Use it on the red suitcase on the wheeled table.
  • You’ll find a green weight.
  • Check the first pipe behind the dryer.
  • Look at the two parts and get the socket wrench from the left.
Rooms and Exits Chapter 2 Level 18 Basement Pressure indicator
Rooms and Exits Chapter 2 Level 18 Basement Pipes Pattern
  • Now look at the blue pipes and notice how there are 3 Ls
  • Green pipe has 1 S
  • Grey pipes have 2 Vs
  • Red pipes have 5 Ws
  • Now use the socket wrench to turn the L on the second picture from above, 3 times.
  • The S once
  • The V twice
  • And the W 5 times
  • The pressure will go up to 1200.
  • Go to locker number 2 and insert that code in.
  • Take the matchbox and combine it with the magnifying glass.
  • You’ll get 4 symbols clue.
  • Use them on the panel above the washing machine.
    • Top left corner: Scorpio sign
    • Top right corner: Cancer sign
    • Bottom left corner: Diamond
    • Bottom right corner: 4 loops in a square
  • To make the electricity panel work, you have to have a continuing line from the top wire to the bottom.
Rooms and Exits Chapter 2 Level 18 Basement Electricity panel
  • Now notice the pattern: 2 greens – one red – 2 greens – one red
  • Use that pattern on the dryer to be able to open and find a blue weight inside.
  • Put the two weights you found on the weight-lifting device in the bottom corner.
  • Knowing how many Kg weigh each weight, balance the two parts perfectly:
    • Left side: Dark green+orange+violet+light blue
    • Right side: Light green+yellow+red+dark blue
  • The chair will open up and you can take the zodiac clue from inside.
  • Looking up at the wall next to the Exit door you’ll notice 5 zodiac signs.
  • Look at your zodiac clue and see what the corresponding number is and the right order.
  • 43578 is the code you need to use on the Exit door to get out.

Wrapping up

And we’re finally out of this smelly basement and ready to find more clues in the next levels. Glad we found no snakes here.

Check back with my website to get your clues from my next walkthrough for Rooms and Exits Chapter 2 Level 19. I’ll post it as soon as I’m done.


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