Rooms&Exits Chapter 1 Level 30 Walkthrough [Restrooms]

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This is going to be a rather messy walkthrough for Rooms and Exits Chapter 1 level 30, literally. You’re going to play this setting in the bathrooms, so buckle up.

Unlike my last article of Rooms and Exits chapter 1 Level 29 Toy Store, not everything can be sunshine and rainbow in the bathroom, you know?

Don’t miss any steps from my walkthrough below so you can make sure you finish this level with flying colors.

Rooms & Exits Chapter 1 Level 30 Restrooms Walkthrough

Rooms and Exits Chapter 1 Level 30 Bathrooms Walkthrough
  • Start by shaking the potted plant until a key falls off it.
  • Use the key to open the men’s bathroom.
  • Go inside to find more clues.
Rooms and Exits Chapter 1 Level 30 Men's Bathroom
  • Take the gloves from the counter next to the sinks.
  • Grab the pipe from the wall behind the door.
  • And check out the supply cart and pick up: dirty rag, spray bottle, and toilet pump.
  • Wash the dirty rag in the water bucket.
  • Open the first toilet from left to right, and take the red handle.
  • Use the gloves to grab the wrench from the flooded urinal.
  • Look at the drain on the floor and open it.
Rooms and Exits Chapter 1 Level 30 Bathroom Number Puzzle
  • Use the handle to get to the key from the drain.
  • Use the wrench on the knob under the sink.
  • The water will stop and you can use the toilet pump to clear the drain.
  • You’ll find a wrinkled paper you can dismantle and get a clue and a black key.
  • Use the black key on the last soap dispenser and take the liquid soap inside.
  • Combine the liquid soap and the spray bottle, and then the clean rag and the cleaning spray.
  • Use the cleaning rag to clean the mirror, and notice the poster on the wall.
  • Use your pipe to break the mirror there.
  • Go outside in the hallway and use the key you found in the drain to open the women’s bathroom.
  • The tiles on the hallway floor will tell you what buttons need to be pushed to turn on the lights but start from the bottom up.
    • 1st, 3rd, 5th, 6th, and 9th.
  • Now you can press the switch for the lights.
Rooms and Exits Chapter 1 Level 30 Women's Bathroom
  • Take a look at the beauty bag on the countertop and take the nail file.
  • Look at the mirror with the light turned on and take the handprint off it.
  • Use the nail file to unscrew the lamp and take the lightbulb.
  • Use the lightbulb on the mirror next to it and remember the pattern.
  • Look inside the trash bin and take the hamburger box.
  • Dismantle the box and get the fork.
  • Go to out on the hallway and use the fork to dig in the dirt of the potted plant.
  • You’ll find another black key to use in the men’s bathroom.
  • So, go to the men’s bathroom and use the handprint on the napkin device next to the door.
  • Take the other pattern clue you’re given.
  • Use the key on the cupboard that was behind the mirror.
  • You’ll find another pattern clue you need to dismantle first.
  • Observe all pattern clues each one, including the one on the mirror in the women’s bathroom, has some red dots on. One, two, three, and four dots to be exact.
  • Go to the exit door and enter the patterns, by pressing the buttons drawn on the clues in this exact order.
Rooms and Exits Chapter 1 Level 30 Bathrooms Walkthrough Exit Pattern

Wrapping up

If you had as much fun as I had finishing this level, I’m happy to tell you that my next article will be the last from this chapter.

Right after Rooms and Exits chapter 1 level 31 Parking is done with, a new chapter awaits us, where I’m sure we’re going to have more fun playing those new levels together.

See you next time, with my next article!


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