Rooms&Exits Chapter 1 Level 28 Walkthrough [Bakery]

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Happy to see you back here for my next walkthrough for Rooms and Exits Chapter 1 level 28. Sweet mysteries await you, literally.

This level is not as easy as the last, my article on Rooms and Exits Chapter 1 level 27 Print Shop walkthrough proves that.

Make sure to follow my guide below if you want to finish this level and continue the story of this amazing game.

Rooms & Exits Chapter 1 Level 28 Bakery Walkthrough

Rooms & Exits Chapter 1 Level 28 Bakery Walkthrough
  • Check the potted plant next to the door and take the green recipient.
  • There’s a purple recipient on the middle table.
  • Look at the shelves next to the potted plant, and notice the fruits: 4 green apples, 2 red peaches, and 1 yellow pineapple.
  • Try to open the drawer under the fruits with the numbers: 421
  • Take the screwdriver and look at the Cupcake recipe inside.
Rooms & Exits Chapter 1 Level 28 Bakery Cupcake recipe
  • Look under the soda fridge, and unscrew that lid with the screwdriver.
  • Take the cable and remember the note with the symbols.
Rooms & Exits Chapter 1 Level 28 Bakery Symbol Note
  • Check out the bread buns on the top shelf and arrange the Xs in the right position as the note tells you.
  • You’ll get a bread bun and a key.
  • Use the key to open the cake jar on the counter and take the cake.
  • Take the flour under the Today’s Swwet Special poster and the strawberry from the red cupcake drawn there.
  • Check out the pastry tower on the countertop to the right and take the knife.
  • Combine the bread bun and the knife to cut through and take the vanilla bottle from inside.
  • Put the cake back in the glass display case and arrange them like the menus on each table.
Rooms & Exits Chapter 1 Level 28 Bakery Menus
  • It will give you a note with a code: 693
  • Go to the shelves next to the potted plant and enter this code to the second drawer.
  • Take the hammer, and sugar, and remember the blue flower inside.
  • Look on the floor for the same pattern the blue flower had and use the hammer to smash the tiles.
  • You’ll find a key to the kitchen behind the counter, open it and go there.
Rooms & Exits Chapter 1 Level 28 Bakery Walkthrough Kitchen
  • Open the drawer next to the oven and take the red recipient.
  • Take the blueberries from the scale on the table.
  • Take the butter from the counter next to the left sink.
  • Open the fridge and take the eggs, milk, and kiwi.
  • Look at the cupcake painting next to the fridge and notice the ribbons.
    • Top row: up – down – up
    • Bottom row: down – up – down
  • Go to the electric panel next to it ad position the switches in the same way.
  • Use the electric cable on the oven.
  • Now it’s time to put your ingredients in the metal bowl on the table: flour + vanilla + sugar + butter + eggs + milk
  • Now put the bowl under the mixer to get the dough.
  • Combine the dough with each recipient in your inventory.
  • Put the green muffin in the oven. Set the oven to 250° for 35 min.
  • Red muffin to 275° for 40 min.
  • Purple muffin to 200° for 50 min.
  • Combine the red muffin with the strawberry, the green muffin with the kiwi, and the purple muffin with the blueberry.
  • Go back to the bakery and check the tray next to the pastry tower.
  • Put each muffin in the tray there and the drawer will open and give you a key.
  • Use the key on the Exit to get out.

Wrapping up

We’re getting closer to finishing up this chapter, and I’m sure you’re having as much fun as me with these puzzle games.

Next time I’ll be walking you through the Toy Store level 29 from Rooms and Exits Chapter 1. Make sure you check back here to see when I’m done writing it.

Let me know in the comments section below what do you think about this game, and if it’s worth writing about the next Rooms and Exits chapter. I would love to know which level gave you the worse headache.


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