Rooms&Exits Chapter 1 Level 24 Walkthrough [Bookstore]

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Here’s another walkthrough for Rooms & Exits Chapter 1 level 24, and this time we need to escape the Bookstore.

If you already finished Rooms and Exits level 23 Sports Store you know there needs to be more rooms at this level. And you’re not wrong, you just need to discover them.

The walkthrough below for Rooms and Exits on level 24 will guide you to finish this level quickly and without any problems.

Rooms & Exits Chapter 1 Level 24 Bookstore Walkthrough

Rooms & Exits Chapter 1 Level 24 Bookstore Walkthrough
  • If you go to the desk on the left there’s a match to mini game you need to complete.
  • Select two books at the time that are similar or complete each other.
  • After you match all the books on the table you’ll find a note with E=5 written on it.
  • Remove the “Sorry we’re closed” sign from above the shelves and you’ll find a green book with a key on it.
  • You can put the green book on the shelf with the other green books to the left.
  • The bookshelves will open to reveal a secret door.
  • Look at the poster on the wall above the desk.
  • Count the colored flags: 1 pink – 3 yellow – 6 red – 4 purple
  • Go to the door and enter those numbers down for each color light and enter the room.
Rooms & Exits Chapter 1 Level 24 Bookstore Hidden room
  • On the box in front of the door, there’s a curtain rope.
  • Use it to tie up the curtain.
  • Take the teddy bear from the window.
  • Tap on the couch until it removes one of the cushion seats.
  • Take the knife from under it.
  • Open the door under the glass cabinet and take the knob from there.
  • Take the bottle of water on the floor next to the other box.
  • Put the water in the vase on the coffee table, to make the cork rise so you can take it.
  • Use the cork on the wine bottle on the chair.
  • You’ll find another equation: I=X-E
  • Check the paintings above the couch and take the symbol from the one on the bottom.
  • Use the knife on the teddy bear to find half a key.
  • Combine the symbol and the half key to make a whole key.
  • Use the key on the chest under the table.
  • You’ll find another equation note inside T=I/I
  • Go back to the other room and use the knob on the desk drawer.
  • The note X=8 can be found inside.
  • Now you need to solve the following equation finding what number corresponds with each letter from the EXIT sign.
    • E=5
    • X=8
    • I=X-E=8-5=3
    • T=I/I=3/3=1
  • Enter this code to exit the Bookstore 5831

Wrapping up

Even though this wasn’t a particularly difficult level, Rooms and Exits is always fun to play. Level 24 Bookstore was very fun to play and straightforward.

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See you back here with more walkthroughs for you.


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