Rooms&Exits Chapter 1 Level 22 Walkthrough [Shoe Store]

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I know you’ve been expecting Rooms&Exits Shoe Store answers, so here they are. This walkthrough for Chapter 1 level 22 of Rooms and Exits will explain step-by-step how to finish this level.

My last article for Rooms and Exits Chapter 1 level 21 went smoothly and I haven’t encountered too many difficulties along the way.

But this one is a bit trickier than usual, so follow my walkthrough closely to make sure you’re not missing out on any important details.

Rooms & Exits Chapter 1 Level 22 Shoe Store Walkthrough

Rooms and Exits Chapter 1 Level 22 Shoe Store Walkthrough
  • Open the first drawer from the stand in the middle of the room.
  • Take the magnet and the matchbox.
  • In the drawer next to this there’s a pair of pink sandals.
  • Go to the shoe shelves on the left wall.
  • Open the cupboard under them.
  • Arrange the boxes by price, on columns, and shoe size, from big to small:
    • First column: $120 – 8.5, 8, 6
    • Second: $139 – 5, 4.5, 4
    • Third: $150 – 7.5, 7, 6
    • Fourth: $165 – 8, 6, 5.5
  • Take the piece of plug you find.
  • Open one of the two drawers under the shoe shelves.
  • The clue to open the box inside is those arrows inside the drawer.
  • Use the magnet on the needle of the compass.
  • The blue double arrow inside the drawer represents where the blue needle is pointing at.
  • So click that arrow on the compass two times.
  • The neutral triple arrow inside the drawer is the arrow you need to tap 3 times.
  • In our case the arrow to the left of the blue arrow.
  • Pick up the scissors and the pair of green shoes.
  • Check the gift boxes in the room and cut the ribbon with the scissors.
  • Pick up the blue shoes.
  • Look at the box under the stool and solve the puzzle.
  • Figure out the missing number in the last row:
    • 1+4x1=5
    • 2+5x2=12
    • 3+6x3=21
    • 8+11x8=96
  • Insert 96 and tap on the green arrow.
  • Take the rolled paper and dismantle it to get the clue to how to solve the shoe puzzle.
  • Now go to the shoe shelves and set the pairs in your inventory in the missing spots.
  • Use the clue to find the pattern and arrange the shoes in the right spots.
Rooms and Exits Chapter 1 Level 22 Shoe Store Shoe Shelves pattern
  • This will open a secret door behind the shelf so you can go inside.
  • You click on the shoe shelves again and look behind the plant at the panel.
  • You need to drag lines from the letters on the vertical to the ones above to sum them up.
    • 6+7+5=18
    • 11+20=31
    • 14+9=23
  • You’ll find a new pair of shoes you need to dismantle and get 2 metal pieces.
  • Combine the metal pieces with the plug to fix it.
  • Use the plug to fix the lights on the shoe shelves to the left and you’ll see 5 pairs of shoes lighting up.
  • Notice the decorations on the lighted pairs and go to the computer after you count each one.
  • 2 pairs with a star decoration, 1 pair with dots decoration, 2 pairs with flowers, and 0 with a bow.
  • After entering the code 2120 the drawer will open and give you a key and a candle.
  • Combine the candle and the matches so you can enter the dark room behind the shoe shelves.
  • Use the lit candle on the floor of the dark room.
Rooms and Exits Chapter 1 Level 22 Shoe Store Second Room
  • Take the brush from the blue bucket and the sower from behind the vacuum cleaner.
  • There’s a piggy bank on a shelf to the left and a hammer on the side of the fire extinguisher.
  • Combine them to get a gold coin.
  • On the lowest shelf, under the green shoes there and take the stick.
  • Combine the brush and the stick to fix the broom.
  • Combine the broom and the sower.
  • Use the broom and sower in the other room to pick up the trash that fell from the trash can.
  • You’ll find an empty note.
  • Use the coin on the bubblegum machine to get a knob
  • Use the knob on the drawer under the shoe shelves.
  • Take the pencil from inside and combine it with the empty note.
  • It’ll reveal a code of symbols: star – clover – triangle – moon – diamond
  • With this, you can go to the other room and enter the code in the red locker.
  • You’ll find a matching game of shoes with their soles.
  • If the match is right the dots turn green. If not right you need to start over.
    • 1 – 6
    • 2 – 5
    • 3 – 3
    • 4 – 1
    • 5 – 2
    • 6 – 4
  • You’ll find a shoelace.
  • Tap the floor and solve the maze by dragging the flower to the other side.
Rooms and Exits Chapter 1 Level 22 Shoe Store Maze
  • It will give you another sports shoe you need to put the shoelace on.
  • Now put the new shoe next to the other one that looks the same.
  • The box under them will reveal a ticket.
  • Use the ticket on the Exit door and you’re free to go.

Wrapping up

Glad to finally tell you congrats for finishing yet another level on Rooms and Exits, Shoe Store level 2 being quite difficult and tricky to solve.

I know you had fun solving this because I did. I’m looking forward to playing the next Rooms and Exits chapter 1 level 23 so I can provide you with another walkthrough.

Keep a close eye on my next articles so you can advance further in the game with my help.


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