Rooms&Exits Chapter 1 Level 18 Walkthrough [Grocery Store]

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No need to wait any longer for Rooms & Exits chapter 1 level 18 Grocery Store walkthrough. I have the tutorial ready for you, to help you in your journey.

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Get comfortable and follow my instructions below for how to finish up the Rooms & Exits Grocery Store level 18. Don’t miss a step, so you’re able to pass it too.

Rooms & Exits Chapter 1 Level 18 Grocery Store Walkthrough

Rooms & Exits Chapter 1 Level 18 Grocery Store Walkthrough
  • There’s one lone shopping basket in the middle of the store, go to it and take the wallet.
  • Dismantle the wallet in your inventory to get a silver coin and a note with some numbers on it.
  • Check out the first soda fridge and open the doors.
  • Tap on the top shelf and start rolling the soda cans until you find a number.
  • Do that on every row and you’ll find the code: 74125
  • Click the buttons on the fridge, under the soda cans, and enter that code.
  • It will give you a key that you can use on the second fridge.
  • Take one blue bottle from the second to the last row on the right.
  • Go to the fruits section and tap the orange stand and take one orange.
  • Then the green stand above the oranges, and take the pen from between the pears.
  • Then go to the coconut stand and take a coconut.
  • Go to the ice cream section next to the fridges and use the coconut to smash the right glass.
  • Take the gear piece and open the left side of the ice cream freezer.
  • Pick up one chocolate ice cream.
  • Go to the blue lockers and take the green scoop.
  • Click on the panel under the lockers and use the coin to unscrew the screws.
  • You’ll figure out the pattern eventually or just tap the buttons in this order.
Rooms & Exits Chapter 1 Level 18 Grocery Store Wire panel
  • After that is done in the correct order, it will give you a panel with numbers to solve.
Rooms & Exits Chapter 1 Level 18 Grocery Store Numbers panel
  • Take the price checker that lights up next to the panel.
  • Go to the right fridge and use the price checker on the red can’s barcode.
  • Tap on the second set of shelves, from left to right, and use the pen to draw a few lines on the baker oats’ barcode.
  • Use the price checker on that too then move to the bread stand and put your ice cream on the warm bread.
  • The ice on the packaging will melt so you can check this barcode as well.
  • Tap the potted plant in the right corner and use the water bottle on the soil.
  • You’ll get an empty bottle and see another piece of gear.
  • Get the piece of gear out of the soil with the scoop.
  • Next to the lockers, there’s an orange juice machine.
  • Combine the two pieces of gear and use the whole piece inside the juicing machine.
  • Use the orange to make orange juice, and use the empty bottle to put it in.
  • It will give you a barcode you can use your price checker on.
  • Tap the cash register near the blue shopping basket where you found the wallet.
  • Use the price checker on it and it will give you another string puzzle to solve.
  • Follow this pattern exactly or else you’ll need to start over.
Rooms & Exits Chapter 1 Level 18 Grocery Store Register panel
  • It will give you a code that’s hard to read: 65219
  • Tap under the register and enter that code.
  • Push the red button to exit the Grocery Shop.


Used to have a video walkthrough for Rooms & Exits chapter 1 level 18, but the developers asked me to take it down because of copyright issues.

Now that you’re done with this level, I’m sure you’re going to look for more. I’ll soon come up with a walkthrough for Rooms & Exits chapter 1 level 19, so stay tuned.

I know what it’s like to finish one level and want more, so I’ll keep playing and give you the tutorials you need to finish up all the levels. See you next time!


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