Roblox Sorcerer Fighting Simulator Codes (Updated 2022)

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If you want to improve your chances of playing a better than your friends and strangers, these Sorcerer Fighting Simulator codes will help you achieve just that.

Have in mind that the codes that we’re sharing below are updated for 2022, so they will most likely be valid for at least a few months to come.

We’ll make sure to update this article regularly with brand new codes for you to take advantage of.

But let’s not waste a single second – you’re not here for the chit-chat, you’re here to grab some advantages via Roblox Sorcerer Fighting Simulator codes. So let’s do just that!

Sorcerer Fighting Simulator Working Codes

Make sure that you type the codes exactly as written below (no extra spaces and with the same capitalization – if any).

The effect of each code will be generated immediately after using them and you can only use a code once.

  • tyfor1klikes – Receive 1,000 gems
  • sub2kgts – Sorcerer Fighting Simulator code for 1,000 free gems
  • tenkaylikes – 15 minutes of Mana per minute
  • amazing25klikes – Redeem this code to get 30 minutes of free Mana per minute
  • reaching50klikes – Activate this code to get 2 hours of free Mana per minute
  • reached65klikes – This code will instantly reward you with 600 Mana
  • tyforthe75klikes – Redeem this code to get 10,000 free Gems
  • thankyou1 – Redeem code to get 6 hours of free Mana per minute
  • alargefamily – This code will give you 2 hours of free Mana per minute
  • onehundredkmembers – Redeem code for 5,000 free gems
  • halfamilvisits – Get 1,500 free Gems
  • awesome5mil – this code will give you 30 minutes of free Mana per minute
  • WELCOME – Redeem code to get some free in-game goodies

How to redeem codes in Sorcerer Fighting Simulator

Sorcerer Fighting Simulator redeem codes

Now that you have the codes above, let’s find out how to redeem them in case you don’t know already.

  1. First, click on your Trophies button in the left side of the screen
  2. In the new window that opens, simply copy and paste the exact code you want to redeem
  3. Once you are sure the code is correct, click the “Redeem” button and you’re all set!

This is very easy, as you can see for yourself. Codes you have redeemed in SFS will instantly award you with their reward.

All codes can only be used once, so make sure to use them when it counts!

The developers will regularly release new redeemable codes for the game, so make sure to check back here often and see if there’s any new code that you can collect and use.


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