Rise of Kingdoms: How to Get more Gems in the Game (for Free)

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Gems are the premium currency in Rise of Kingdoms, and they can be used in many ways to improve your game experience.

And fortunately, getting a lot of gems for free in RoK is not very difficult, so you can really play this game without spending any real life money, and still enjoy some premium features.

In today’s article we’re going to talk exactly about that: how to get more gems in Rise of Kingdoms, for free and without breaking any rules.

So let’s not waste a second, and instead let’s find out what you can do to fill up those coffers fast and enjoy some premium goodies!

Bind your account on Facebook

The game doesn’t explicitly tell you that you can bind your RoK account on Facebook – and you get 200 free Gems for doing that! This also helps you keep your account safe!

rise of kingdoms binding rewards

In order to Bind your account, tap your profile picture in the upper left corner of the screen, then tap Settings. There, tap the Facebook button to Bind your account and grab the rewards.

Alternately, there is every now and then a “Like us on Facebook” event in which you also receive some free Gems if you like the Game’s page on Facebook.

Complete Quests

Completing the main story quests will reward you – sometimes, at least – with a lot of Gems.

So make sure you keep an eye on these missions and complete them as soon as possible in order to quickly get some free gems.

One of the main goals to reward you with Gems in Rise of Kingdoms is the series that requires you to level up your main Headquarters building.

This can also trigger some extra Gem rewards if your upgrade unlocks a new era!

Complete Daily Objectives

If you complete all the daily objectives by scoring 100 points, you unlock the final chest reward under the Daily Objectives tab – and that holds some free gems for you to enjoy, so do it daily!

Defeat Barbarians

Defeating barbarians on the world map gives you the chance to earn some free gems.

It’s not a guarantee and it’s not much that you’re getting (usually around 10 gems sometimes), but every little bit counts in the long run, so make sure to always attack the highest level barbarians you can defeat in order to increase your chances of getting more freebies.

rise of kingdoms how to get more gems 1

The same can be obtained from defeating Barbarian forts – but since the rewards are the same and Forts require a lot more forces to be defeated, you can safely focus on beating the regular barbarian troops on the map instead.

Special Events

The game will always have some sort of special event running, many of which will reward you with various Gem packs. So just keep an eye on all the events and make sure you take advantage of all the freebies.

Also, keep an eye on your mailing list – usually, the game’s developers will reward you with some free gems after a downtime in the game, after a maintenance update or just for being a player. Which is really cool!

Mine for Gems

rise of kingdoms how to get more gems 2

Eventually, you will be allowed to unlock the Jewelry research in the Academy. After researching this technology, you will be able to mine Gem deposits on the map.

These are scarce and don’t have a ton of resources – just 10 gems a piece and you need 20 minutes to fully gather them, but they are free and can be mined with your regular troops, so make sure to take advantage of this as soon as you have the required tech!

Get bonuses from purchasing Gems

rise of kingdoms how to get more gems 3

Finally, even though this doesn’t come as completely free since you do have to spend some money, it has to be mentioned.

Usually, making some sort of a purchase with real money in Rise of Kingdoms gives you the opportunity to earn some massive bonuses, either in the form of free Gems or other extremely valuable items.

Make sure to check these options out and do so on a daily basis, because most of them can only be purchased for a limited number of times per day, but also reset daily.

So if you plan to spend money in the game and also set a schedule, you can earn a ton of free Gems when doing so. Just look at all the offers and see which is best for you.

You will see that, all in all, you can get a lot of free gems in Rise of Kingdoms and you can put them to good use on increasing your VIP level or buying goodies from the merchant.

And if you want more details on how to wisely spend your gems in the game, we wrote a guide on that as well – read it here to make sure you don’t waste these premium goodies!

Also, if you managed to find any other way to get more gems in RoK (without breaking the rules or doing shady stuff), don’t hesitate to let us know by commenting below.


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