Riddle on the Wall Answers: Level 1 – Level 15

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I am sure you love riddles just as much as we do, and that is why we are going to give you a helping hand with Riddle on the Wall. Answers, cheats, solutions: call them as you want, one thing is clear: we have the riddles solved and we’re sharing the knowledge. So if you got stuck along the way and had no idea what to do, our Riddle on the Wall answers should give you a helping hand.

We’ll start with the first set of riddles and as we complete them, we will publish more and more answers articles, so make sure you stay tuned with us! (you can search in this article for the riddle to find exactly what you are looking for!)

Riddle on the Wall Level 1 Answer

Riddle: Forward I’m heavy but backwards I’m not. What am I?
Answer: Ton

Riddle on the Wall Level 2 Answer

Riddle: Holes in the bottom, the left and the right. Yet it still holds water with all its might. What is it?
Answer: Sponge

Riddle on the Wall Level 3 Answer

Riddle: Feed me and I live, give me drink and I die. What am I?
Answer: Fire

Riddle on the Wall Level 4 Answer

Riddle: Born in nature shaped by man. When needed I can light the way. On certain days I top the cake. What am I?
Answer: Candle

Riddle on the Wall Level 5 Answer

Riddle: What man walks over and man sleeps under. In times of war, he burns asunder. What is it?
Answer: Bridge

Riddle on the Wall Level 6 Answer

Riddle: With no honor among them, in the dark of the night. They take from others, what is not theirs. Who are they?
Answer: Thieves

Riddle on the Wall Level 7 Answer

Riddle: Double my number, I’m less than a score. Hal of my number is less than four. What am I?
Answer: Six

Riddle on the Wall Level 8 Answer

Riddle: This thing can turn without even moving. What is it?
Answer: Milk

Riddle on the Wall Level 9 Answer

Riddle: Metal or bone I may be, many teeth I have and always bared. Yet my bite harms no one and ladies delight in my touch. What am I?
Answer: Comb

Riddle on the Wall Level 10 Answer

Riddle: You can always see it, but it’s too far away to touch. Mountains rest on it, at sea it surrounds you. What is it?
Answer: Horizon

Riddle on the Wall Level 11 Answer

Riddle: It travels on waves on the ocean shore, and everywhere else you’ve been before. What is it?
Answer: Sound

Riddle on the Wall Level 12 Answer

Riddle: Short and hot, often expressive. But shown to other it is rarely impressive. What is it?
Answer: Temper

Riddle on the Wall Level 13 Answer

Riddle: I am tied at least once a day and forced to carry ten nails. I work hard without pay, and follow your many trails. What am I?
Answer: Shoes

Riddle on the Wall Level 14 Answer

Riddle: I have a hundred legs, but cannot stand. A long neck but no head. I ease the maid’s life. What am I?
Answer: Broom

Riddle on the Wall Level 15 Answer

Riddle: It can bat, but never hit. It is next to a ball that is never thrown. It is good luck when found. What is it?
Answer: Eyelash

With this being said, we have completed the first 15 riddles of Riddle on the Wall. Some pretty difficult to guess riddles, but we eventually made it. Make sure to check back soon as we will post more answers to these riddles!

Update: As promised, we have published more answers for this great game, check them out here if you need any more help.


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